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Day excursion to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel on honeymoon. Which one better.

PAMELA, on March 9, 2018 at 1:42 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 9
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HI ladies, me and my fiance are going to Cancun for honeymoon in April. Auquaworld has day excursions to Cozumel and one for Isla Mujeres. We have been to neither places so for those of you who have why did you like it and would you go again. Thanks


  • MrsBlah
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    MrsBlah ·

    That's a tough one, where are you staying? If you're staying in Playa del Carmen, you can get to Cozumel on your own, in which case I would pick Isla Mujeres.

  • AugustBride
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    AugustBride ·

    I have heard a lot of great things about isla mujeres. I would probably pick going there

  • Forestwed
    Master May 2018
    Forestwed ·
    I’ve beeb to both, I preferred isla mujeres. We took a booze cruise to get there which was a lot of fun then had dinner at an outdoor area that put on a live show. It was great!
  • P
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    PAMELA ·
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    We are staying in Cancun at a resort but I would like one day to get out and explore other close areas and those two were the closest options per Aquaworld website.

  • The Nuptials
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    The Nuptials ·

    Isla Mujeres is fabulous! It was the first big trip my then BF (now FI) did. We were in college and had a fabulous Spring Break in Cancun, more romance, no party. Anyways, I kind of stumbled on info about the island and we took a random city bus, maybe the #5? There from our resort. We took the ferry and rented a golf cart when we arrived. We then drove all around the island and spent the bulk of the day at the Eco water park on the tip of the island. It was the best! We still talk about it and that was 7 yrs ago. We did end up walking back to the hotel which was a hike, we did this with another American couple as the bus was no longer running. The sun was starting to set too, not the smartest thing but it was adventurous!

  • A
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    Ashley ·
    I like the idea of Cozumel better. We are going on a cruise and that is one of the stops. And its so beautiful!
  • muriel
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    muriel ·

    Both the US and Canadian governments have warned against travel to Playa del Carmen. The explosion on that ferry to Cozumel was not an accident.


  • Vanessasaurus
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    Vanessasaurus ·

    Unless you are going for the history of the Mayan ruins, I would pick Isla Mujeres! Cozumel is mostly just a city with some shopping. While there we got a bit lost, and I didn't feel entirely safe in that part of the city. I also took the most frightening taxi ride of my life there. :X

  • P
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    PAMELA ·
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    Ok thanks Vanessa! Cozumel seems to be a popular cruise port. But thinking Isla Mujeres is what I'm leaning towards.

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