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Cutting guest list.

Christina, on November 16, 2019 at 8:33 AM Posted in Planning 0 6
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I fell in love with a venue I thought would be perfect for us. We put the deposit and set the date! (Yay!!) It’s Max capacity is 150 people, which I thought would be more than enough. That is until I started making the guest list. We are over 160 people (holy cow!) and I still need to add a couple. I need to cut this down!! I’ve already decided to have a kid free (other than the wedding party). Is this even possible without hurting peoples feelings? Or do I just assume that not ALL these people will show up and it will be okay? I’m stressing.


  • Amber
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    Here's something I've used to help with my own guest list (which I'm still working on🤦😩😬🤷. Most all of your people that you want to invite probably won't be able to come so don't stress out. Good luck and it'll be okay.Cutting guest list. 1
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  • Gabrielle
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    As someone who has this same issue (our venue has space for 160), we decided to go ahead and invite everyone, which is 195 people.... please save yourself the stress, don’t invite more than your venue can hold. I haven’t got all of the rsvps back yet, but I’ll post about the results of that when they’re in.
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  • Cyndy
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    Definitely don’t invite more than you have room for. I love the chart above as a way to help you make decisions. The other thing to remember is that it’s your day so don’t let other people pressure you into inviting people. Good luck
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  • Chrysta
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    I am having a similar situation! Who would have thought that the guest list would be the most stressful part of wedding planning?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Having no children is definitely a good way to cut down the list. Not giving “plus ones” helps as well. I know the old adage that approximately 20% of people will decline, but I have seen sooooooo many brides on here who ended up having over 90% of their guests RSVP yes! FH and I have decided (largely due to the advice from the lovely ladies on WeddingWire) to only invite the number of people our space can hold. We trimmed our guest list down to the acceptable number of people (and girl, it was HARD! We had to be ruthless), then created a list of additional people we would have liked to invite, in order of importance. That way, if we receive a decline, we can send out another invitation to the next person on our list.
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  • Melle
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    Usually not everyone invited will come but it is better inviting initially only the maximum number of people in case of the off chance they all can come
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  • Kaysey
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    I'm going into mine with the thought that not everyone I invite is going to come. With that said, my FH and I did have the same issue when we made our first draft of our guest list. We had to go back through our guest list and take people off, but we decided that if we haven't spoken to them or hung out with them within the last year that we would not invite them. I'm not sure if that would be helpful to you or not, but it did help us get our number down to right at our venue capacity.

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