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Christina, on August 16, 2019 at 8:07 PM Posted in Honeymoon 0 12
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Me and my future hubby really wanna do a cruise. Any suggestions on cruise lines where a young couple can have some fun ?


  • Sara
    VIP October 2019
    Sara ·
    I know they've had a bad rap recently, but I've done three carnival cruises, and they cater decently to a a youngish adult crowd
  • Amber
    Devoted July 2019
    Amber ·

    Definitely Carnival!!

  • Michelle
    Devoted March 2020
    Michelle ·
    FH & I are doing a Norwegian Cruise next May!! We sailed with them this past June & we had a great time!!
  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
    I like princess cruises.
  • Rita-Jean
    Devoted May 2019
    Rita-Jean ·

    Yeah, I would agree with PPs that Carnival is a bit more of a party type cruise, from what I've heard (my sister has cruised on Carnival, Norwegian, and Princess). I've cruised twice with Princess and absolutely loved it.

  • Jadebenton
    Just Said Yes May 2020
    Jadebenton ·
    We're doing Carnival for our honeymoon!! I've always loved Carnival cruising better than other cruise lines I've tried
  • Laura
    Rockstar November 2019
    Laura ·
    We’re NOT a party couple but still enjoyed our first cruise together on Carnival and are going Ca
  • Laura
    Rockstar November 2019
    Laura ·
    *going Carnival for our honeymoon.
  • Colleen
    Master September 2019
    Colleen ·
    We have done a lot of research we decided on Royal Caribbean.
  • Kayla
    Dedicated November 2020
    Kayla ·

    I've been on lots of cruises, and we decided on Royal Caribbean for our honeymoon.

  • Sherry
    VIP September 2019
    Sherry ·

    I have only been on 1 cruise and it was on Royal Carribean Allure of the Seas. That boat was magical and huge lol. I did hear tons of horror stories from other people on the ship about Carnival including bartenders slipping drugs into girls drinks, horrible tasting food, food poisoning etc. Which ever you choose or find the best deal on, do your homework as I am sure all of them have good and bad things happen. Read reviews but a cruise would be very fun!

  • Stephanie
    Devoted November 2020
    Stephanie ·

    My fiancé and I love cruising. We have been on about 5 cruises and are going on are going on another cruise this upcoming October. I've been on both Royal Caribbean and Carnival and have had amazing experiences on both. I really think your vacation is what you make it too though. There are so many opportunities on cruises to be outgoing and really participate in different activities. It can be a lot of fun and you'd be surprised at how many friends you actually can make in a short span of time. With either cruise line just make sure you are taking a look at the ship you are booking on. If you go on YouTube you can see plenty of live ship tours to give you an idea of what the amenities are like. When possible I would book a new and or renovated ship!

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