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Creative ways to display photos at reception?

Megan, on April 1, 2009 at 10:36 PM Posted in Planning 0 30
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Hello! Can anybody give me some ideas for displaying photos of my fiance and I as kids? I was thinking maybe on the tables but I'd love some other ideas. Thanks!


  • Sarah  Shope
    November 2019
    Sarah Shope ·

    You could set up a projector on a blank wall and have a slideshow playing of all your pictures. You could also set up a few large, flat screen monitors on tables to show the slideshow. You could hide the CPUs under the tables, hidden by a long tablecloth.

  • Kelly Embry
    November 2019
    Kelly Embry ·

    You could use digital picture frames.

    or you could have the pictures custom printed on either decorative items or gift items.

  • R
    Dedicated June 2009
    Roxanne ·

    Perhaps you could make a couple different posters/collages and each one is a certain age range. Or you could use pictures has table numbers.

    You could also make a guest book and have those pictures in the album along with space for your guests to sign and write something.

  • soon2bMrsD
    Devoted June 2009
    soon2bMrsD ·

    We are having our table numbers different ages with corresponding photos. So it would be (table 5) Age 5 - with coreseponding photos. My FH says we could also do it by grade - 5th grade. I think doing it by grade would be halarious as we are children of the 70's/80's and I have some horribly-bad school photos that everyone would get a kick out of.

  • Ebony
    Dedicated October 2009
    Ebony ·

    Vice nice ideas Kelly E. and soon2bMrsD and unique. Kelly E. where do you plan on putting the digital picture frames so everyone can see? I had planned on displaying a 30” LCD that will play photos of us with our family and friends titled “Family and Friends.” I plan to put this near the guestbook that will play throughout the entire evening. And then play a slideshow during the reception with pics of just myself and fiancé , including baby pics.

  • FutureMrs.T
    Dedicated August 2009
    FutureMrs.T ·

    I think the table numbers with a picture of you on one side at 4 and him at 4 would be cute. But if you only have say 10 tables, that only gets you through Age 10 - works great if you have them up to your age. Other ways I've seen them is in frames along a table. You could sting some clothes line and pin them up with clothes pins. You can always do a slideshow.

  • Kym Ventola
    November 2019
    Kym Ventola ·

    I would suggest printing the photos and have them mounted on black or white gatorboard, depending on your colors. Then display the images on easels. It would almost look like a photo gallery in an art bride did this last weekend, where she was married at the Phoenix Art Museum. It looked fabulous. Contact Colormark...they can do this for you and the quality is incredible.

    I would also suggest having one recent image (possibly an engagement portrait that your photographer took) at the end of the row of images where guests can sign directly on the photo...this can be framed after the wedding and saved for years to come.

    Best wishes!

  • Kevin Kacmarcik
    November 2019
    Kevin Kacmarcik ·

    The was I personally think it looks best is if you have it displayed on either a digital frame, a tv, or you can even have it running on a laptop. A projector on a wall would work in theory, but it doesn't always work well in reality. There could be designs on the wall, many walls are not just white (which is ideal) and also the lighting of the room would need to be taken into consideration. Plus there is the space needed. A projector will need more space than any of the other options, and will be out in plain view all night. Most people that do this have it running on a flat screen tv, or a laptop.

  • C
    Master October 2009
    CelticChick831 ·

    Maybe get some hanging picture frames and hang some small photos from randome locations. you could even have a curtin effect on one wall with photos hanging from fishing line or even a pretty ribbon.

  • Jennifer Goolkasian
    November 2019
    Jennifer Goolkasian ·

    Think about the overall theme and concept for your wedding, and let that guide you in the right direction.

    Would a mix and match of antique frames displayed on a grand piano or marble mantle fit your setting and theme? In a pinch, old photos can just be photocopied, and cut into place.

    Or would you prefer a contemporary, magazine-style flat bound book that guests could peruse and sign?

    I know one couple who will be cutting windows into pumpkins, lighting them from inside, and displaying black and white translucent prints. These pumpkins will be centerpieces in their October wedding. How fitting!

    Have fun,


  • Soon2BeMrs.Burns
    Dedicated June 2010
    Soon2BeMrs.Burns ·

    We are thinking of doing a slideshow that can play during dinner...they are really easy to make yourself if you are familiar with microsoft power point (very easy to use) or you can find someone to make one for you.

    another option is to have (depending on # of guests) one little scrapbook on each table (another good do it yourself project)

    i also saw a wedding online were they had a piece of glass cut to match the size of the top of a table. then they arranged the pics. on the table and put the glass on top of the pics. like a frame.

    the table was used at the reception for the guest book and place cards ect.

    good luck

  • Maggie
    Dedicated September 2009
    Maggie ·

    Im also doing the picture thing too, we already have our kids so what we are planning on doing is doing a timeline of our dating, from when we started dating, to when our kids were born and so on. You want to make sure you put it somewhere where everyone will be able to see them. My wedding colors are black and white, so i will be printing my pics in black & white with a black frame and placing them on the table with our seating placecards, that's one place people have to stop at!

  • Lynsi
    Devoted July 2009
    Lynsi ·

    This may sound out there but if I had the right venue I would have done this. Have you ever heard the song stealing cinderella by chuck wicks? Well in the music video he has pictures hanging like from the cieling (watch the video it wont seem so odd lol) I think it would be toatlly cute for a more formal night time reception.

  • Monica Tilinca
    November 2019
    Monica Tilinca ·

    We are offering 100" screen with a high-def projector and we are presenting a professional made slideshow at a designated time (usually around dinner time). The rest of the time we are using the same screen and projector to display zapp-shots (photos taken during the wedding day). The bride and groom are getting 3 copies of the slideshow to keep. It is made using approx. 15 photos of the bride, 15 photos of the groom and 15 photos of the bride and groom as a couple. We are using your favourite music - two-three tracks.

  • Rowell Dionicio
    November 2019
    Rowell Dionicio ·

    I dont know what kind of centerpieces you'll have but you can talk to your florist and request the small tree type pieces with long branches. Then you can hang small pictures from the branches and people will be looking at them.

  • Tracy
    Just Said Yes April 2012
    Tracy ·

    When my husband and I re-new our vows next year (13 years), My daughter and I are making a collage of pixs and placing at cake table.

    I will have 13 years of things we have done alone and w/our 2 children

  • Almost Mrs. Palmer
    Devoted May 2009
    Almost Mrs. Palmer ·

    We are having an outdoor garden wedding and we are laminating pictures and will be hanging them on ribbon somewhat to look like close lines and we will have 3 different lines that will be in somewhat of a square u shape. There will be one of him as he is growing up and then another of me growing up as well as one with both of us together! I saw this in a magazine and fell in love with it! the pictures will be clipped onto the ribbon line and laminated to hold the wait so they will not blow around to much!

  • Kenneth Huber
    November 2019
    Kenneth Huber ·

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  • Kenneth Huber
    November 2019
    Kenneth Huber ·

    We offer by far the most unique way to display your growing up pictures at a wedding. We create custom made mosaic images which can include up to 1500 images. To view more information on our custom made mosaics click here.

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  • DJ Rockin' Steve Credo
    November 2019
    DJ Rockin' Steve Credo ·

    Video Presentations are probably the most attention getting ways of sharing your photos with everyone. Create a movie with your photos, sync them to music that helps to create a story, drop in some other cool effects then burn it to a DVD.

    Play it over and over during cocktail hour on a High-Def.monitor or once towards the end of dinner raised up high enough for all to see.

    There is a huge difference between a screen and a projector versus a High-Def. monitor.

    Plus since it's on a DVD, you can get copies made and both you and your parents can watch it over and over again for years to come.

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