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covid seating plan

Katelyn, on July 2, 2020 at 2:19 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 4
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My venue has 3 sites available. A reception hall that holds 300, an indoor ceremony area, and an outdoor ceremony area. We were planning on using the indoor ceremony area so that we did not have to worry about a rain plan and to save on chair rentals as the venue staff was able to move them from one room to the other easily so the ceremony chairs doubled as our reception chairs (our venue requires rental from a specific vendor) Due to COVID they are limiting the number of guests allowed in the indoor ceremony area to 90 the reception area and outdoor area are not impacted. (Our guest list is around 160). We aren’t really sure what to do, 100+ extra chairs one month out is not really in the budget. I hate to be rude and uninvite people, but I also hate to ask people to stand. Not to mention if it rains we are completely out of luck. No idea what to do!!


  • Melle
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    They aren't allowing the reception chairs to be used outdoors ?

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  • Katelyn
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    It’s a bit of a walk from the outdoor site to the reception hall (not far but it is a hill) which was another reason we originally opted to do both at indoor location.
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  • Super August 2020
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    Would they allow you to have the ceremony in the same room as the reception? I've been to weddings where this happened and they set up all the tables ahead of time, but they put them behind a curtain and the rest of the room is set up for the ceremony. Then during cocktail* hour, the guests go somewhere else while the staff moves the tables into the room and puts the chairs, which were just used for the ceremony, around them.

    If you decide to go the uninviting route, changing some invitations to reception-only (because of coronavirus) or inviting some people to attend the ceremony virtually will go over better than just not including some people.

    *This could get awkward if it rains and there's not enough room for people in the indoor ceremony area, but sometimes the capacity for a space is higher if people are standing, and it's okay to ask most people to stand for cocktail hour.
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  • C
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    I agree with OP. Just cut the guest list down and then invite other guests for a virtual participation. I’m having 90 ish guests total but prior we had 150+ and I was freaking out(this was pre covid) . I think covid helped those brides able to be married this year in terms of cost.
    I’ve considered pushing back the wedding but we’re older and would like to start a family after a 2 year engagement!
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