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Just Said Yes May 2020

Coronavirus Wedding Postponement? Vendor not charging extra

Kathy, on March 12, 2020 at 9:02 AM Posted in Planning 0 4
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Another COVID-19 discussion! For brides whose vendor is letting you postpone without extra charge, are you seriously consider postponing? We are getting married mid May in an infected area and half are traveling by air. I’m glad most venues are being nice about postponement but sucks for so many guests that already booked flights!


  • Nikki
    Devoted April 2021
    Nikki ·
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    A lot of airline companies are offering free date transfers and cancellations due to the outbreak, so I would have less concern about it. With two months to go, I would play it by ear unless they have a lot of availability for this year to change. I know a lot of other brides were worried about having to push their wedding out more than a year and cancel honeymoons
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  • A
    Expert May 2020
    Alex ·
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    My wedding is May 24th and we are proceeding as usual. We will be having
    this wedding unless there is a city/state/federal mandate. We are not in a highly affected area, but half of our guest are traveling by plane. It may have
    less people than we originally planned if people choose not to come or
    travel, but I am not worried about that.

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  • Eshell
    Devoted January 2021
    Eshell ·
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    That’s nice of your venue ......have them call airlines it shouldn’t be a charge !
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  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    That’s nice of your venue. I think at this point airlines and venues are aware of the situation and being understanding
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