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colors for wedding in october

phatdonkey, on February 19, 2008 at 12:13 AM Posted in Planning 0 12

I dont what color i should use for a october wedding for the recepton


Latest activity by aldewitt, on July 17, 2009 at 2:35 PM
  • J
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    Jeremy ·
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    I have a wedding in october and we are going with deep reds yellows orngages and pinks along with the traditional whites but also pick a sceme and stick to it rigourusly

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  • Natascha Dacres
    Natascha Dacres ·
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    I think in the Fall some mutted colors go so well, ~

    I love the oranges, browns, purples.. you can pick some of the shades of Hydrangeas just as they are drying out ~ that makes for suck a beautiful coloring ~

    Sunflowers amazingly look lovely as well, During apple picking season, Sunflowers are blooming and Big - Mini Pumpkins and tiny Hay Bales on the tables, Orange candles.. your bridesmaids don't have to wear oranges though, they could wear other colors that complement, you can also make little baggies with Candy corn with hay as favors -

    I also think going with Ivory instead of Pure white works well in the Fall..

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  • Tracy
    Expert April 2009
    Tracy ·
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    I was at a wedding this past october. the bridesmaids wore dark brown dresses and the bouquets and floral decor was all oranges, and yellows, with some reds.

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  • Holly  Barocio
    Holly Barocio ·
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    I would say start with colors you would normally think of. Deep reds, orange, yellow, browns and so on. Then forget about them. You are getting married IN October, not TO October. Unless you really love the fall and the colors associated with it, don't feel obligated to follow the crowd. Thousands of other brides will have garnet and orange and brown and sage green.

    If you do love the Fall, start with those colors and push them further to create some interest. I think nothing says fall like eggplant. Take a deep eggplant and mix it with some classic. Maybe a silver or ivory. Maybe some detail of orange or red. Red and purple love each other.

    Another idea would be to push any greens to the lime side. If your colors look a little on the summer side, your guests will be delighted with the memory of warm days.


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  • Samantha Hines
    Samantha Hines ·
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    If your groom has a favorite color it might be nice to ask him what colors he likes. aht then add to what he suggests.

    Black and white never fails make a good color for brides dresses and they can use them over again...if they are not too formal. We have had many brides get married in October. One bride chose autum colors, another chose deep purple and emerald green, and another chose brown and white.

    If you every need to see some of those colors in action your can email me and I can send you some samples.

    Samantha Hines




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  • Megan
    Just Said Yes October 2007
    Megan ·
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    My wedding was last October and I had to same problem picking colors. Since my favorite colors were pink and yellow. And I didn't wanted to use anything too light I want with fuchsia and black and dark yellow for the flowers. But really you don't have to use fall colors. It's about what you want.

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  • Sara Hall
    Sara Hall ·
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    Hi, I had a fall wedding and these were my bridesmaids colors


    They were all from davids bridal

    also, A great Idea is to order real dried leaves from ebay, they are from up north and totally worth it! i used them for our centerpieces and to line the isle and for the guests to throw on us as we left.

    Hope this helped!

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  • Brooke Nance
    Brooke Nance ·
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    Fall weddings are absolutely beautiful! I think what makes them so beautiful are the gorgeous colors that represent fall, oranges, browns, golds, dark greens, deep reds. There is something so crisp and romantic about the fall and it is one of my favorite seasons for weddings.

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  • Princess Nelson
    Princess Nelson ·
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    I got married in October, 1999. I chose the colors, Navy, Lilac, and Silver and it was pretty. Even though I couldn't see the Lilac with the Navy at first. My husband had suggested the lilac but when I put it together it was beautiful.

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  • Future Mrs. Conwell
    Beginner October 2009
    Future Mrs. Conwell ·
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    My fiance and i had to compromise on our wedding. he's always wanted a fall wedding, and i've always wanted a summer wedding. so, we're getting married 10/10/2009, and i'm using bright summery colors--fuschia and tangerine. most people want to use everything fall when they have an october wedding, but that is just not me. at first i was worried that people would think those colors are dumb for a fall wedding, but i got over that quick because it's whatever makes me and my fiance happy!

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  • Lonni Tanksley
    Lonni Tanksley ·
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    Check out this article:


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  • A
    Savvy October 2009
    aldewitt ·
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    I'm getting married this October. My colors are fern green, eggplant purple with small, tiny "pops" of orange. The bridesmaid dress is black, but this is something I would have picked in any season (so they can wear it again!).

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