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Color i chose washes out my moh

Virginia, on December 28, 2019 at 3:42 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 1 4
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What would u do? I only have a maid of bridesmaids. The color I chose is quartz (light mauve) at David’s Bridal. We went to pick a dress today and I was disappointed in how washed out she looks in it!!! Now I’m rethinking my entire color scheme.


  • Anna
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    Anna ·
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    I would pick a different color. Theres so many dress color options that are more universally flattering. I also picked a color that washed my MOH out and we picked a different shade instead.
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  • Chrysta
    Super November 2020
    Chrysta ·
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    If she doesn’t feel good in the color, I would just pick a different color that goes with your color palette.
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  • Kari
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    Kari ·
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    Same boat here! One MOH, no other bridesmaids, and I was looking at similar colors (my MOH actually showed me a "quartz" dress from David's website, but it definitely looks a bit different in person, and I think it's lighter and doesn't work as well on fair skin). She and I are both blond hair, fair skin, light eyes and I've tried comparing colors on myself to see if they would look good on her. I love dusty pink, dusty blue, sage green, dusty purple, etc and I wear dusty pink on occasion and was thinking of that for her dress but I'm really worried as a full dress it will look really washed out. David's "ballet" was the color I'm thinking, but I'm nervous about it and getting really anxious to go dress shopping with her so we can finalize our color scheme.

    We are waiting to really settle on colors until we figure out her dress. I'm hoping to go dress shopping with her and my mom in January (our wedding is in May). I just worry that the colors that look best on them won't go with our overall theme as well, because I really like the soft, muted spring colors, but our fair skin does better in bolder shades and tends to look really washed out in pastels and softer colors. Because she's my best friend and only bridesmaid, we are going to pick something that works for her and that she feels confident in and then make the rest work.

    Since you only have one bridesmaid, what color are the guys wearing? Our men (groom plus two groomsmen) are getting navy suits, so I was thinking of having her in a navy dress if none of the light colors work. Then we'd really try to emphasize the other shades in our florals and decor instead of as part of our bridal party attire.

    Definitely keep me in the loop, as I think we are about to have the exact same problem, and I'd love to know what you decide.

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  • Jo
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    Jo ·
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    I wouldn't change the whole color scheme around one dress, I would just swap the dress to a complimenting color. If you were going to do Quartz, how about putting her in Chianti or Wine or Sangria, or you could put her in another color from your palette. Definitely easy to do with only one person in your bridal party! If you're worried about the dress being too different you could always look for a wrap/pashmina in the Quartz color, and/or put the wine color in one other place like the groomsmens' pocket squares.

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