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Savvy August 2024

Clean up

Rose, on May 30, 2024 at 11:36 AM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 2
How much time do you guys think I need for clean up for 35ish guests? Also how does the plate ware clean up work? I mean do people usually clean the plates there and pack up or throw them into a tub and clean at home? Ha I’m so unsure thanks!


Latest activity by Veronica, on May 30, 2024 at 3:02 PM
  • Lisa
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    Lisa ·
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    I think it depends. How much decor will you have setup? And how elaborate is the decor? How many people are helping with clean up? If you have a lot of drapery from the ceilings, multiple backdrops, signs, etc, it would take longer than it would if you were just clearing centerpieces off tables. Do you need to just remove your decor/items, or do you need to also sweep/mop the floors, put away tables and chairs, wipe down counters, etc.?

    For the dishes, are you renting those from a vendor or your venue? Or are you providing those? If you're providing them, you could just toss them in a bin and wash them when you get home. Otherwise, talk to whoever you are getting them from to find out whether you need to clean them before you return them, or if that's something they handle as part of the rental fee.
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  • V
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    Veronica ·
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    Not a wedding, but for both of my daughters first birthday parties I would say it took us about 45-60 minutes to clean everything up and we had approximately 20 people at one party and 50 at another. We had to clean up all tables, decor, any dishes, wipe down the kitchen, and sweep the floor. We had multiple people helping us make sure everything was done before we had to leave. All of the guests dishes were plastic so they just threw that stuff away. The food we made ourselves were in crockpots and we just took them home dirty and washed them. The food we had catered were in serving trays and we quickly rinsed them out and then took them back home to thoroughly washed before turning them to the catering company. The serving utensils to get the food I threw into Walmart or whatever store bags, tied the bags shut and then put in my car to wash at home.

    Depending what all what you have and how much help you have I could see it definitely taking over the hour that the venue has given you to clean up. On top of that you will probably be very tired from the wedding and reception. I honestly think your timeline for things needs to be adjusted. I saw and commented on your other post about dinner and the whole timeline sounds very rushed which will likely lead to additional stress.

    If you are using a catering company for the wedding, I would find out if they are providing all dishes and if so are they the ones going to be providing clean up for those items.

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