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Change of Events Manager

Darcy, on November 10, 2018 at 1:38 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 6
Hi everyone. So I got a call and email today from the new events manager of my venue and it caught me off guard because I had been working with the previous events manager for about a year now and it’s still 6 months to go. She wants to meet and get acclimated with the status of the wedding planning so we’re trying to schedule something for next weekend. Any other brides gone through something similar and anything I should be aware of? Many thanks for the advice!


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  • Kristen
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    I think this actually happens to a lot of brides from what I can tell. It happened to me and everything worked out totally fine. My previous coordinator kept good notes and when I met with the new one they were great and already knew my vision.

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  • earias
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    Yes, this is very common. It seems there is a lot of turnover in this field. I had 3 venue coordinators in the year leading up to my wedding. Just make sure you have everything you've discussed with anyone in writing. If you have a phone conference or face to face meeting immediately follow it up with an email summarizing your phone/meeting conversation and decisions made so you're on the same page. This way it protects you from them denying you agreed to something and if someone new comes along they can see what was already agreed to.
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  • Kristy
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    We did. We booked and were working with one for about 3 months and just found out about 2 months before our wedding we had a new one. Honestly, I love her. She is amazing. We met with her for the 1st time last Monday, 3.5 weeks before our wedding. Of course we exchanged emails, phone calls, texts. But meeting her. She impressed me so much and I think she was a great hire for our venue. She offered ideas we never thought about even up sold on adding champange which we weren't going to do. She offered ways to help our handicap guests, a back door entrance for me so I dont have to come in the front entrance and everyone possibly see me. She even offered to add decorations from her store personally owned at no charge to us. She is honestly awesome and I didnt have that kind of connection with the first one.
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  • A
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    This happened to us twice with our venue and I’ll be the one who’s story isn’t so great. The women we initially booked with was fantastic and responsive and was a huge reason we chose the hotel. Then she got promoted and we got someone new who was sweet but pretty flakey and hard to get ahold of. She was with us through pretty much all the major decisions. Then 2 months before the date she left and we got someone else who had been working for the hotel, but not really in events. We were her first wedding (she told us) and it was very obvious. She didn’t know the details of the wedding packages, and apparently our second person had told us a bunch of stuff that wasn’t possible and failed to tell us about upcharges for things we had already decided on, and it was this new woman’s job to tell me all that. For the impossible stuff, there was nothing to do about it and it all worked out fine. But I put my foot down about the new surprise charges. As nicely as I could, I reminded her that I was the only person who was a constant in our planning over the last 10 months and if it was no where in writing that I would be charged extra for things that seemed to be included then there was no way I was doing it. It all worked out and we had a lovely wedding, but the planning shouldn’t have been like that especially when we chose that venue because they do tons of weddings and we wanted to be very hands off. My advice would be to make sure you assert yourself if there seem to be discrepancies between your old and new event person’s ideas and to reiterate details as much as possible because those are what fall through the cracks in these change overs.
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  • Malwen107
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    We went through three people at our venue, and frankly, I was worried we had made the wrong choice but the final girl was AMAZING and made our wedding even better than i could have hoped. Advice- KEEP EVERYTHING from your encounters with the former planner. We had many times where things had gotten dropped in the transition and I was able to pull up emails and say "we were told this possible on XX date." Or, we had already discussed this with _____.

    Definitely meet her in person and get her up to speed, but be ready to reference prior meetings/phone calls/emails too! Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine!

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  • DBMarried
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    I am on my THIRD events manager (as of today) in a year at my venue and only six weeks out from my wedding. I didn’t stress the first change, but this seems like a rapid turn over rate which makes me wonder what else is wrong.
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