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Celebrate Your Sexy Boudoir Photos, Here's the Deal

NextChapterReady, on May 23, 2019 at 10:32 AM Posted in Planning 0 4
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Okay so I won a free boudoir photo shoot with the Celebrate Your Sexy company and thought I would share my experience with you! Number one, I think they give out TONS of free photo shoots so you should never pay for the shoot itself. They rented a hotel room near me (I booked out about two months-the most they will is three before the freebie expires) and it was a good shoot. I could have up to four outfit changes and the hotel was a nice one in a good part of town. They work with all female staff so there's no unease there. I mentioned to the photographer that I was self conscious of my stomach and she was so considerate in her poses to always make sure my stomach looked great! So all in all, the photo shoot lasted 1.5 hours and was a breeze. They even had a couple of robes and a veil with them!

Now, for the photos themselves, they charged me $25 to schedule the shoot and then said if I bought photos it would go toward that purchase as a credit. I had to call and schedule an appointment to view the photos. It was about a month out so do it early if you want it to be a gift for a groom. I just had the viewing appointment last night with my fiance (it was for him and wasn't a surprise. If you aren't having it be a surprise I recommend you do the viewing with your FH because it surprised me the ones he fell in love with haha).

To be prepared for pricing (because there is ZERO info on that) I looked up old reviews and from what I gathered it would be outrageous. They do a go-to-meeting on your computer and the sales rep shows you the photos and stays on the mic with you while you pick and she selects and deletes as you view. (A little awkward LOL) Also don't try to take screenshots or anything like that, because they said if they noticed you doing that they would charge you for all the images (trust me you do NOT want to pay that).

We picked out about 25 photos we liked from 180. The "freebie" photo shoot included two digital photos also mailed to you as 5x7 photos, as well as $75 off your photo purchase. So we knew we could have at least two. For those 23 other photos it would have cost $2,296 with retouching! Yikes! The cost of a photo if you got 20 or more was $79 a photo and then if you got 3 photos it was $99 a photo and if you only got 1 or 2 photos it was $129 a photo. So I'm glad I already knew it would be pricey.

The girl offered us a payment plan (PLEASE don't do this for photos LOL). My fiance said, can we just get the 2 free photos and she said yes, but tried to upsell hard. We ended up down to five and she offered us five for $180 (which was more reasonable but still pricey) and we decided we would get 3 photos with no retouching (honestly they do a good job and you probably won't need that) because my fiance just couldn't pick. With our $75 credit (me already paying the $25 before the shoot) and two free photos, it came to $70 with the shipping. I felt like for a photo shoot and three professional shots I was okay with that and he really loved all three-it was a gift for him.

However, just so you know, you could get the two free photos and only pay the shipping ($20). So all in all if you get the free shoot from them and you want to do as little as possible, you would be out $45 (shipping and that deposit) for the photo shoot and two photos. They WILL try to upsell you, but it can be done pretty cheaply if you just want a couple.

I had no idea what this would entail and thought it would help anyone considering doing this! Sorry for the long post!


  • Kelly
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    Kelly ·
    That's a very useful review! Thanks for posting it!
  • NextChapterReady
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    NextChapterReady ·
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    Thank you! I always like to be super informed and find it frustrating when they hide things so you have no idea what to expect going into it! haha

  • Lynnie
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    Lynnie ·

    This is such helpful information!!! Thank you sharing all the details!

    I'm glad you ended up getting a good price for the photos - the original pricing sounded expensive!

  • Cristy
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    Cristy ·

    Thank you for sharing not only your experience, but the breakdown of the cost. It's really helpful. I also won a "free" photo shoot, but I balked when I couldn't get any information up front about pricing.

    I may call them back now and try to schedule it. I thought it would be a really nice gift for FH. Unique, and something he would really like. Thanks again for sharing!!

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