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Caribbean honeymoon in November?

Yasmine, on April 22, 2019 at 10:55 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 6
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So FH and I are getting married November 10th and are starting to think on our honeymoon. I know we will be out of hurricane season in the Caribbean, but was wondering if anyone could give advice on destinations? It is still not the driest time of the year, but we want as much sun and heat and as few clouds as possible! Of course you can never guarantee weather, but I thought I'd ask!

Has anyone been to the Caribbean in November? Where did you go? How was the weather?


  • Future Mrs. K
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    Future Mrs. K ·
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    I've been to Mexico and the weather was perfect. Hot but not stifling and miserable like it was when I went in June, sunny, the water was beautiful for snorkeling, swimming. It rained in the early evening almost every day for about 15 minutes but it didn't matter because we were always back in the room, showering and resting before dinner at that time anyway and by the time we were ready to walk to dinner, it would be cleared up and beautiful again. We are getting married this June but are postponing our honeymoon until the fall because we love it there around that time so much. Just make sure to buy travel insurance so if there is a hurricane you're protected!

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  • Victoria
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    Hurricane season actually ends November 30th, but chances are slim you'd be hit by a hurricane that time of year.

    Here's a site I found that shows temps and rainfall for the islands in November:


    Hope it helps!
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  • Kylee
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    Kylee ·
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    We are taking a southern Caribbean cruise to St. Kitts and all the other islands there! So excited!
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  • Ashley
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    Ashley Online ·
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    I’ve been on cruises in all parts of the Caribbean multiple times during the end of November/beginning of December and the weather is PERFECT that time of year. Tortola BVI has been my favorite island so far.
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  • Bernetta
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    Bernetta ·
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    I have traveled to the Caribbean and by far the best deals I've found were at www.Cheapcaribbean.com. They are all inclusive (including flights, meals and drinks) My fiance and I are getting married in 2020 and will vacation in the Caribbean. Good luck!

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  • Joany
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    Hi Ashley! Have you ever been to the Bahamas in the winter time? We are honeymooning January 27-February 1, 2020 and want to visit the Bahamas, but we're worried that it may be a little too cool for water sports (paddleboarding, snorkeling, kayaks, etc) and the pool. Can you offer any advice? Thank you! Smiley smile

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