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Cancel Wedding Dress

Nikki, on November 25, 2021 at 11:41 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 6
I need some serious advice. I went to a dress shop and couldn’t really find anything I like but there were bits of different dresses that were nice. I the shop agreed to make a bespoke dress to my design. I was over the moon to have a one of a kind dress and I paid the 50% deposit. 6 months later they ring to say it’s arrived and ready to try. I couldn’t get there immediately so asked they send me a picture. All good so far! Next day I’m looking at social media with my fiancé and we both find ourselves looking at my dress that the shop has posted to Instagram!! I’m in shock and upset. I can’t believe my Fiancé has now seen the dress and I no longer want to wear it. Can I get some advice on what to do next and if this is even allowed for a shop to publish a paid for dress on socials without permission??? Thank you for any help here!!


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  • Sarah
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    Did the dress have you in it? I doubt your FH will remember anything about your wedding dress come the day of and it will be totally different with you in the dress with the rest of your accessories/hair and makeup on. Have you actually paid the balance on the dress? I don’t know much about whether they’d need your permission to post a picture of just the dress, but it technically belongs to them until you’ve paid the entire cost.
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  • Lisa
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    I agree with this - another thing to remember is that the dress looks differently on you than it does on a mannequin, so even if your fiance does remember specifically what the dress looked like in the Instagram post, it'll still look a bit different (and even more beautiful) once you're wearing it, with your hair and makeup done. When you saw the dress on social media, did you tell your fiance that it was your dress?
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  • Michelle
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    Michelle ·
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    While it does seem very sketchy for them to post the picture online without your knowledge, you are not in the dress so it looks completely different on the hanger or mannequin. Men don’t remember details of that nature and you will be stunning no matter what. I don’t see that canceling the dress order is the way to go. After the wedding, mention in an honest review to be careful about social media, but nothing to worry about beyond that.
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  • Carissa
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    Carissa ·
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    Yes, they can post pictures of anything especially if they made the dress. May I ask, why did you tell your fiance it was your dress? I would've just kept scrolling and not mentioned anything. I mean, my dress isn't custom so chances are there are pictures of it online. If my fiance and I came across one, I'd just act like there was nothing special about it.
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  • Mcskipper
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    I wouldn’t return a dress you love just because your fiancé caught a glimpse. If you love the dress it shouldn’t change your feelings toward it. Also a dress on a mannequin has no bearing on your final wedding “look”— YOU in it, you all made up, you with your hair done, but mostly just the dress with the person he loves in it. It’s a totally different ballgame. So, the wedding day look hasn’t been ruined at all. He probably doesn’t even remember the dress. To most men the standout part of the dress anyway is the person they love *in* it and they hardly care about the actual dress itself other than how it makes their loved one look and feel
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  • CountryBride
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    CountryBride ·
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    I wouldn't cancel I don't think your fh will remember what the dress looked like if you love your dress I would keep it

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