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Cake Cutting Help!!!

dezdez_nalini, on June 23, 2019 at 1:09 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 1 6
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The venue that we chose for the ceremony and reception does not include a cake cutting service and we are have the food set up in a self-serve manner. I think having a cake professional cut and serve the cake would be the best option for us but I’m not really sure where to find a vendor that just offers this service. Thoughts and suggestions welcomed!

Cake Cutting Help!!! 1


  • Cyndy
    VIP May 2019
    Cyndy ·
    Many caterers have people that know how to do that. Perhaps whoever you are getting your food from will be able to help or will know someone. I would start there. Good luck!
  • MOB So Cal
    January 2019
    MOB So Cal ·

    I don't know where to get help, but I will say, after cutting daughter's shower cake (which was basically a 12" diameter, 6" high layer of a wedding cake) I would NOT recommend this as a DIY job. It is much harder and MUCH more time consuming than one might think! I'd start with your caterer as a pp suggested.

  • eyelette
    Devoted August 2019
    eyelette ·

    Sorry I have to agree with the other, look at the cater that is doing your food, Ask your family members if they can help assist you with this.

    For our wedding we are doing cupcakes, less of a mess and I have chosen two family members that work in kitchens to serve for us.

  • dezdez_nalini
    Just Said Yes June 2020
    dezdez_nalini ·
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    I was just talking to my mom about this. She offered to help cut and serve the cake. She was a bakery manager for years so she has experience working with wedding cakes but I still feel like this is a big venture for her! Thanks for the advice 😊
  • dezdez_nalini
    Just Said Yes June 2020
    dezdez_nalini ·
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    I didn’t think about asking the catering company. I’ll check with them. I’m hoping they can help!
  • Sinéad
    WeddingWire Administrator January 2025
    Sinéad Online ·

    Hey there!! have you discussed this with your caterer?

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