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Camillia, on July 18, 2019 at 2:37 AM Posted in California Planning 0 2
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Hi Everyone!
Thank you for any help you can give. I'm the first of my friends to get married and which that's exciting I don't really have any people for advice. We have been looking at San Francisco adjacent (within 3 hours drive) outdoor venues for the past month now, have contacted 78 (yes you read that right) and looked at 6 in person. While I don't think we are getting that specific with what we want (forest vibe, on the less expensive side, fully outdoor ceremony in the trees and reception either in the forest or on a lawn, established bathrooms and electricity) it is apparently impossible to find for less than 8k (or 18k total food, open bar, venue for 100 ppl) that isn't booked. We are willing to go around a 3hr drive from SF and would prefer any Saturday in August, September, and October in 2020.

Right now I'm just feeling super overwhelmed. I keep getting too emotionally invested in venues and then they are either 20k or fully booked for 2020. I have legit cried twice in the last 3 days which is more than the last 3 months. Am I going crazy? Is it this hard for everyone? Is a 14 month engagement too short for the bay area? Does a foresty venue even exist at an affordable cost? Any and all suggestions, thoughts, and advice are more than welcome.


  • CanIJustSayOneThing
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    CanIJustSayOneThing ·

    Hi! we are trying to do our wedding under 10k which is damn near impossible but we found our venue at the Presidio in SF! specifically Arguello Restaurant for the reception (city hall for ceremony). not sure if they can accomodate 100 people but there are definitely outdoor areas to do a ceremony in the Presidio, and the f&b minimum is 5k which we are STOKED about! we rented out the entire patio. BUT before we committed to Arguello, we were considering the pema osel ling venue in Santa Cruz red woods! i think they were reasonably priced too!

    I totally feel your pain. it costs an arm and a leg. I hope this is helpful! Try not to get overwhelmed though. I know its so disheartening and discouraging and you will find yourself comparing your day to other people you find online and you really just cant. Find the 3 most important things to you and your fiance and make those the priority. My fiance and I went from thinking we were going to do a traditional 150 person wedding at a traditional venue and when i found out our budget, i was devastated but had to quickly get over it and we have now been having a blast coming up with quirky, unique ideas to make our day exactly what we want. first thing we did, SLICE the guest list to 50. and we are sticking to only 50!

    good luck to you and CONGRATS!!

  • Sinéad
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    Hey Camillia! Congratulations on your engagement! Welcome to the WeddingWire community!

    I’m so sorry that you are feeling like this. Firstly, a lot of brides and grooms in the community are planning a wedding for the first time. It can be overwhelming and frustrating but you are certainly not alone.

    I would firstly suggest searching through the WeddingWire venue search for San Francisco as there may be venues that you have overlooked or not heard of. Here are the San Francisco Park Wedding Venues that we have listed.

    As the pp mentioned, you and your SO should prioritize what you are looking for in a venue as it can be difficult to find one that ticks all of your boxes.

    Are you hoping to have your ceremony in the same location as your reception?

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