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Bridesmaids Floral Robes - yay or nay?

Katlyn, on June 15, 2017 at 5:43 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 21

I was wondering if anyone had experience with getting or giving cotton bridesmaid robes for the morning of the wedding for everyone to get ready in. I have always loved the look of it, but I worry that a) they won't be comfortable (because most are one size fits all and not soft cotton) or b) they'll just dislike them completely. Has anyone given these as gifts? If so where did you buy them from? TIA!


Latest activity by FutureMrs2017, on June 17, 2017 at 1:11 PM
  • 717Bride
    Super July 2017
    717Bride ·
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    I got a satin one and I love it

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  • vghjfcxgxfgdh
    VIP June 2017
    vghjfcxgxfgdh ·
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    Figandvine on Etsy!

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  • Grace
    VIP June 2018
    Grace ·
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    As long as you know it doesn't really count as their thank you gift.

    The robes are more of a prop for photos rather than something they are likely to use in the future.

    If your budget allows for that then why not?

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  • Melissa
    Devoted September 2018
    Melissa ·
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    I'm ordering some for my girls on Etsy they have so many different styles on there.

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  • mrsg
    Master September 2017
    mrsg ·
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    Yay. Although I only use the one I was given because it doesn't say "bridesmaid" on it.

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  • DesertPolarBear
    Expert December 2017
    DesertPolarBear ·
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    Although with "one size fits all" take a good look at your BP and make sure one size fits all is actually a reasonable term- I can't imagine anything more humiliating than being heavily photographed in an ill fitted robe when everyone else's fit a certain way (I say as a plus size girl myself). Just be mindful when ordering

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  • Bemyguest
    Master April 2017
    Bemyguest ·
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    Find ones in Etsy that aren't "one size fits all".

    And these are not considered gifts. These are props for photos, so make sure this isn't the only thing you get them.

    I used finekreations on Etsy. Very soft and multi sized.

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  • Shayla
    Dedicated May 2018
    Shayla ·
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    Definitely get some! They will look great in photos and everyone will be able to use them after the wedding too! I'm buying my girls some for the big day, doing all floral but they will be in spring colors, and I'll be in white!

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  • charlotte
    Devoted September 2017
    charlotte ·
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    I am getting robes, I am getting them from robemart. I really like the look of the waffle robes with monograms.

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  • Marisa
    Savvy June 2018
    Marisa ·
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    I actually found my girls floral robes at target! I spent so much time searching online and was also worried about sizes. Took a trip to target during a work lunch, and to my surprise floral satin robes! XS-XL categorized by Xs/S, M/L, L/Xl. This was SOOO much easier than worrying about ordering someone a specific size. They ranged around $25 each in price.

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  • LibraryBelle
    Super January 2018
    LibraryBelle ·
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    I bought silk floral robes from macys. They are sized, have pockets (everything is better with pockets), and I could use coupons!

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  • SLR
    Super November 2016
    SLR ·
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    I got them for my girls. There were 5 or 6 different sizes to choose from, so definitely find something that isn't one size fits all. Also, be fine with them not wearing them if they don't want to. Most of my girls liked and wore them, but a couple just put them on for a few photos and wore their own attire to get ready in. I considered mine a photo prop that they kept rather than a gift, if that makes sense.

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  • Laura
    Dedicated July 2017
    Laura ·
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    I got some for my girls on Etsy. They are satin and so silky and comfortable! And they were only like 15 dollars!

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  • J
    Devoted June 2017
    Jamie ·
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    I got my girls floral print short set pj's . I didn't plan on doing it but when I went into Kohl's they were on clearance for $5.00 so I couldn't pass it up.

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  • FutureMrs2017
    Super May 2017
    FutureMrs2017 ·
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    Got satin ones and they were gorgeous!

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  • Ariel
    Devoted August 2017
    Ariel ·
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    Bought mine on eBay. Very cheap, one size fits all, and floral. Mainly for pictures and to not spill anything on their dress while getting ready but a very unnecessary expense I made necessary.

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  • Elizabeth
    Super March 2017
    Elizabeth ·
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    We did not! Instead we actually used guys white undershirts that we would be able to cut off. It has since become a huge joke about that between us. So now I'm looking for someone who can make us white shirts with our goofy saying on it! It's one of the many stories we won't forget from that day!!!

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  • Michelle
    Just Said Yes August 2017
    Michelle ·
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    I just got robes from Walmart! Then I went to a place that prints on shirts! They were cheap, comfy and will stay shut when you tie them! Smiley winking Etsy is also a good idea!!

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  • C
    Beginner September 2017
    Crystal ·
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    I had tank tops made that say "Sparkle and Shine it's wedding time" on the front. And they will wear with black leggings the morning of Smiley smile and mine says "Mrs. Scott"

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  • Kristin
    Dedicated October 2017
    Kristin ·
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    I love the idea of this too! I was in a wedding where we did it and I loved it but haven't used it since. I was considering doing monogrammed zip up hoodies (which I know they would use) instead but can't decide!!

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