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Bridesmaids fighting over Bachelorette party

Kaity&Franck, on January 18, 2017 at 10:53 AM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 12
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Ok lovely brides, My wedding isn't until July and already my MOH is planning my bachelorette party...(too soon, I know) She apparently has created the event on fb and has involved other bridesmaids and I have gotten calls and messages about how they can't all agree on the same things! What do I do to control the situation so that no ones feelings are hurt? Thanks in advance.


  • OG Sarah
    Master September 2017
    OG Sarah ·

    You should stay far, far away from this drama.

    They are adults- they should be able to figure this out without involving you.

  • Kaity&Franck
    Dedicated July 2017
    Kaity&Franck ·

    And Drama it is...I hate that I'm having to play mediator to grown girls!

  • Runawaybride
    VIP May 2017
    Runawaybride ·

    I would stay out if it. The bachelorette is a party being thrown in your honor. You technically shouldn't be involved in the planning. I know it sucks to see your friends fighting, but they will work it out.

  • xray12280
    Master June 2017
    xray12280 ·

    So, I know everyone says you shouldn't be involved in the planning. But I think in this situation it might be better to step in and just tell them what you prefer if they can't agree on things.

  • The Trap Selena
    Master March 2016
    The Trap Selena ·

    Let them hash it out. They're adults. You don't need to play mediator.

  • Laura
    Master July 2017
    Laura ·

    What sort of things can't they agree on? Two of my bridesmaids are planning my bachelorette and they've clued me in on some stuff (like asking where I want to stay) but everything else going on in bachelorette emails they're keeping me in the dark on.

  • Meghan
    Expert April 2017
    Meghan ·

    The exact same thing happened to me and my sister is my MOH and was upset so she told me which made my best friend VERY mad that she involved me and now I'm basically in the middle of it. They figured it out but there is a lot of resentment built up around it from all parties and their snide comments still get thrown my way sometimes. It's a horrible situation to be in, so try your best to ignore it, even if they pull you into it. It's ridiculous that they can't be mature about it - totally feel you on that.

  • MrsMelissaP
    VIP January 2017
    MrsMelissaP ·

    Shame on them for bringing you in the middle of it!! They need to handle it on their own and let you deal with more important items.

  • Kaity&Franck
    Dedicated July 2017
    Kaity&Franck ·

    I totally agree ladies but I had to step in as insults and name calling ensued...

  • JuJuBee
    Super May 2017
    JuJuBee ·

    I say stay out of it. And also depending on the type of bachelorette party they are playing now may not be too soon, if it is one of those long weekends away that involves time off work, flights, etc.

  • Kaity&Franck
    Dedicated July 2017
    Kaity&Franck ·

    It's 2 days before wedding. Just a whole day no weekend I have 3 kids lol

  • Jayquellin
    Super October 2017
    Jayquellin ·

    If they can't get along, I'd be inclined to tell them you won't be going to the party- doesn't sound like it's shaping up to be a very good time :/

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