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Bridesmaids chose a dress with too much cleavage

Natalie, on August 20, 2021 at 12:54 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 6
Hi Brides! I have 2 Maid of Honors instead of bridesmaids (I just refer to them as bridesmaids for better understanding) that are my childhood best friends. I didn’t want to be too strict on what they wore so all I decided on was the color and that the dress was floor length, but I left the style up to them. I asked recently if they had any idea what they were leaning towards and was surprised to learn they decided on the same dress (they used Azazie) and had already ordered. When I saw the picture, it’s bareback with a deep plunge….more revealing than tasteful. I didn’t initially say anything because I would like to wait to see them in the dresses in person, and I was kinda shocked to find they ordered already without running it by me first? I guess I didn’t give any further instruction, but I also didn’t think they’d choose something so revealing. How should I approach this? Thanks brides!


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    If you didn't tell them to get your approval first, then it makes sense that they just wanted to be decisive and get the task done. Unless your ceremony venue has "modesty" requirements that you need to tell them about, I would just leave it alone. If December is cold where you live, they might want shawls or sweaters for warmth and extra coverage anyway.

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    This is spot on. OP cant really be upset if she told them they could pick the style but didnt tell them to run it by her first.

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    Personally I would have given them choices instead of free reign of the website, but since it's too late, either try to return for store credit for a different dress, or discuss a wrap for at least the ceremony so they can be covered up.

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    I would figure it’s too late now. If the ceremony is in a church and the dress code is strict, she can get a cover for the ceremony early.
    Until I had a reduction 19 years ago I had huge breasts, Dolly Parton sized. I was in my bffs wedding at 19 and wasn’t able to go to pick out the dresses. Her mom and her didn’t quite realize how big I was (i wore baggy clothes) so it was a surprise at how revealing it was on me. We were all very conservative christians at the time LOL her mom was super nice and said “well look at you all grown up! (She had known me all my life.)
    The pastor gave me the side eye though LOL
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    If you didn't tell them to run the dresses by you or didn't tell them about any modesty restrictions then it is understandable why they just picked a dress and didn't check with you to make sure you like it. I'm curious what dress this is because I didn't think any of them on Azazie were overly revealing.
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    First of all, I have to applaud the bridesmaids for being proactive in choosing a dress and ordering it in plenty of time! This forum is full of brides who are exasperated with their bridesmaids because they don’t order their dresses soon enough. Since you did not ask them to run anything by you, and you did not set any stipulations outside of the color and length, I don’t think you are in a position to complain about what they ultimately chose. One of the main goals of bridesmaids dresses should be making our closest friends feel beautiful and confident, which apparently they do since they chose this dress. I would just support their choice at this point. Everyone’s attention will be on you and your spouse during your ceremony anyway,
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