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Bridesmaid proposals ideas

Katy, on June 22, 2021 at 9:16 PM Posted in Planning 0 10
What did you all do or give to ask your bridesmaids to be part of your day? I want something cute and special but certainly don’t want to break the bank.


Latest activity by LeeAnn, on July 20, 2021 at 12:05 PM
    Expert May 2019
    KYLIE ·
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    Amazon has packs of “Will you be my...” cards for a super affordable rate. I paired those with a bracelet I knew all my girls would love. Simple but practical!
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  • Lisa
    Rockstar July 2022
    Lisa ·
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    I sent my bridesmaids each a customized puzzle asking them to be a bridesmaid! I found them on Etsy. They were inexpensive, fun for my bridesmaids to put together, and didn't put any pressure on them to say yes.

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  • S
    Dedicated September 2022
    Sarah ·
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    I did gift bags with little things like a makeup bag, face masks, nail polish, koozies, etc. and hand wrote the cards that said “will you be my…”
    I didn’t want to go too extravagant but wanted to give them something.
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  • Hannah
    Master July 2019
    Hannah ·
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    I found cute and cheap tote bags at Marshall's. I then filled those with 1 of those mini bottles of prosecco, a stemless champagne glass, a fake flower from the dollar store in their favorite color, a few pictures of us over the years, and a heartfelt note. It cost maybe $25 per person, with the tote bag being the most expensive part (I only had 4 women in my bridal party). I then took each person out for lunch/coffee individually and asked/gave them the bag. One of my bridesmaids was out of state and not visiting anytime soon (and I could visit her), so I mailed it instead (she's also been a super close friend for about 15 years).
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  • Jenni
    Dedicated May 2022
    Jenni ·
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    I had custom "will you be my..." cards made (Etsy) for the proposal and am also planning to gift them jewelry to wear in the wedding. Bridesmaid proposals are adorable, but can get pricey fast!

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  • Ashlee
    Devoted September 2022
    Ashlee ·
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    I asked all my girls in person first. Then I gave them a gift box (found the boxes cheap on amazon) with a wine tumbler, a bracelet, gold under eye masks and then bought the mini bottles of wine from the liquor store. I put custom labels on the wine bottles that I made myself in Canva and printed at work. The tumblers, bracelets and under eye masks were all bought on amazon (packs of 4) and I think my total cost to purchase everything was just under $40 for 6 boxes.

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  • A
    Dedicated May 2022
    Amanda ·
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    My bridesmaids are scattered around the country so I sent them these candles and had the tags personalized.
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  • Jessi
    Expert October 2022
    Jessi ·
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    I got packs of hairties that were personalized and said "Will you help me tie the knot?" They were like $5 each and I put them in an envelope with a handwritten note. I hand delivered some of them and they were still small enough to mail to one of my bridesmaids.

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  • Rachel
    Just Said Yes July 2022
    Rachel ·
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    I did a spa themed box for my bridesmaids. I personalized the champagne flutes and candles. I only have 3 (maid of honor/best friend, my sister and fiancé’s sister) so it wasn’t too expensive. Excuse the screenshot from tik tok I realize now that I didn’t actually take any photos of them completed 😂Bridesmaid proposals ideas 1

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  • LeeAnn
    Savvy October 2021
    LeeAnn ·
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    I got them personalized tumblers, and included an airplane bottle of tequila + mini bottle of margarita mix (found on sale at Marshall's, randomly). I made a Hamilton-inspired card that read "I'm not throwing away my shot to ask you..." and inside said "will you be my bridesmaid." I got the tumblers on sale on Etsy, and those were around $12 each, you could definitely find something cheaper at Target/dollar store/etc!

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