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Bridesmaid Dresses

Marlene, on March 7, 2020 at 9:26 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 10
Where did everyone get there bridesmaid dresses? Has anyone used an online company like birdys grey? Pictures?


Latest activity by Sarah, on July 17, 2020 at 2:34 AM
  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    We used Azazie and had a great experience. I've heard good things about Birdy Grey, but their colors and styles are much more limited.

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  • Don
    Super February 2021
    Don ·
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    Hi Marlene,
    I'm using jjshouse, some girls haven't had good luck with them, but I have nothing but good things to say, I've purchased 4 party dresses from them over the last 2 years and loved them all, so I'm getting my bridesmaids dresses there also!Bridesmaid Dresses 1
    This is my bridesmaids dress, followed by the others I bought from them.Bridesmaid Dresses 2
    Bridesmaid Dresses 3
    Bridesmaid Dresses 4
    Bridesmaid Dresses 5

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  • S
    Just Said Yes October 2021
    Sierra ·
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    I was recently in a wedding where the bride had us use Azazie. All of us bridesmaids felt we were able to easily order the right size based on the measurements on the website and there were a lot of options. I think most of the dresses on Azazie are more expensive than Birdy Grey though.
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  • Rosabelle
    Dedicated May 2021
    Rosabelle ·
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    Bridesmaid Dresses 6
    I got it on AliExpress and it came just like the picture it’s beautiful 😍 make sure the reviews are good before ordering anything
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  • Ocbride2019
    Dedicated June 2019
    Ocbride2019 ·
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    I had my girls get this dress from Lulu’s. Under $100, fast shipping, free returns, great quality, and rewearable! Plus they photographed nicely! Another big plus is that there’s tons of reviews and customer photos. You can even sort reviews by customer measurements/height. Highly, highly recommend them!Bridesmaid Dresses 7
    Bridesmaid Dresses 8

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  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    We went with azazie and amazon and lulu since I let mine choose
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  • Samantha
    VIP October 2020
    Samantha ·
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    I’ve given my sister a list of dresses from Azazie and David’s Bridal, so it’ll be one of those companies.
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  • Theadra
    Devoted June 2021
    Theadra ·
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    My girls are using Colorbridesmaids, since they have a huge color range . It was the only website that I found the perfect orange Bridesmaid Dresses 9

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  • Kendra
    Beginner 0000
    Kendra ·
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    I had my girls get their dresses from Lulus. It was around $75 and free shipping- can't beat that. They do run long though.
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  • Sarah
    Savvy May 2021
    Sarah ·
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    Hi! Can you tell us how the experience was for them?

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