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Bride to be boxes

Kaila, on November 5, 2020 at 12:36 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 13
Did any of yall get subscription boxes that sent you stuff? If so which one? What did you think of it? and Was it worth it?


Latest activity by Melanie, on April 15, 2021 at 2:26 PM
  • Mrs. Spring
    Master April 2021
    Mrs. Spring ·
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    No, I have not. Many of the items I've seen other brides to be get are things that I would not use.
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  • Michelle
    Rockstar April 2021
    Michelle ·
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    I’ve seen them but I wouldn’t use some of it. Then I would have more crap in my house that I don’t need!
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  • Yasmine
    Rockstar October 2020
    Yasmine ·
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    No I didn't and I don't regret it at all. I think for me personally it would've been a waste

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  • Lisa
    Rockstar July 2022
    Lisa Online ·
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    I received a few monthly boxes from both Something New Bridal Box and The Ring Box. They were honestly fun to get for a couple months, and it's always exciting to receive something in the mail, but the novelty wore off pretty quick. And the items are cool and great quality, but I don't use most of them. I got wine glasses, coffee mugs, T-shirts, jewelry, water bottles, planning items, hats, etc. There were some that I definitely did use, but there were also a lot that I didn't. I'd recommend getting a subscription for anywhere 1-3 boxes, and once that subscription runs out, decide at that time whether you think it's worth it to sign up again.
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  • Jasmin
    Savvy July 2021
    Jasmin ·
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    I’m subscribed to miss to Mrs the stuff is rlly cute and fun but deffinetly not necessary. Like it’s cool I have it but i don’t think I’d miss it if I didn’t lol
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  • Katie
    VIP August 2021
    Katie ·
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    I got a box from the ring box and honestly it was a big waste of money. You get cheap product, not enough products for what you pay. And most of the stuff doesn't get used after the whole wedding process is over. Plus you can't choose what you want in the box or even give them an idea of what you like. If you want wedding stuff you could by them for a better price on Amazon.
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  • Perla
    Beginner December 2021
    Perla ·
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    I get the Miss to Mrs. And it's really cute. I will definitely get it. I got engaged at the beginning of the year so I waited at least to get 6 boxes and receive them every other month.
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  • Kiara
    VIP August 2021
    Kiara ·
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    I subscribed with three different ones.. Miss to Mrs, Maeven, & Ringbox

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  • Gayle
    Just Said Yes June 2021
    Gayle ·
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    I'm in love with Miss To Mrs Box from first sight!Smiley love

    Everything is enjoyable: from the beautiful packing to each collected item! I like that each Miss To Mrs Box has a theme, so the first one helps to make some planning...I even never can imagine that I'll like diamond pens and a necklaceSmiley laugh , but it looks like it's made for a fairytale princess! Design is fantastic, I can't stop admiring and waiting to see the next Miss To Mrs boxes!

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  • Lucinda
    Just Said Yes March 2022
    Lucinda ·
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    I'm subscribed to MissToMrs Box, and it's very cute!

    Agree with Gayle, design is very professional! My first box has an awesome planner, coffee mug, countdown calendar, jewelry wipes, and balloons.

    I cannot wait to receive my next box!

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  • Barbara
    Just Said Yes October 2021
    Barbara ·
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    My Mom sent to me Miss to Mrs box as a gift to congratulate me on my engagement.

    I was crying, while unpacking it, was so sweet! Great box, full of great quality products.

    Super idea to put inside the jewelry wipes and necklace!Smiley love I can't imagine, how much time would I spend at the shops, trying to find all these cute goodies!

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  • Jane
    Just Said Yes March 2023
    Jane ·
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    I received a bridal box from boitedemariee, it wasn’t the usual subscription box but you pick your budget and choose what goes inside the box! It’s pretty cool!
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  • Melanie
    Just Said Yes October 2021
    Melanie ·
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    I got my first Miss to Mrs box within a week, and I'm completely in love with everything inside!

    I found there a superb I Said Yes tumbler - going to take it with me while walking outside, then beautiful Future Mrs Planner and diamond pens - all together create a special pre-wedding planning mood! It was nice to find jewelry wipes - cute idea!

    And I'm especially grateful for the Wedding Hacks list - I read it with great interest and found many interesting advices for myself!

    Bride to be boxes 1

    The most favorite item - is my new diamond necklace!

    Bride to be boxes 2

    Everything in Miss to Mrs worth the price, in my opinion!

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