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Bridal party prep

Shelby, on January 21, 2020 at 1:37 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 8
Are the couples paying for bridal party dresses and hair/ makeup? I was only ever in one wedding and I bought my own dress but now I'm hearing the bride and groom pay for their dresses and hair/ makeup. What do you guys think? I don't want to seem cheap but unsure of what the norm is. I have 6 bridesmaids. A friend, 2 sisters and fh 3 sisters.


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  • MrsD
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    I've never heard of a bride paying for a bridesmaids dress. If it's in budget, go for it! If not, just consult the BM's budgets before picking a dress. We paid for all the bridesmaids hair & makeup if they wanted it done, and let them do whatever look or style they felt best in. If you are requiring they get it done professionally or you are requiring a specific look, you should for sure pay for it. If not, you can make it optional to the BM if they want to pay or not.

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  • Katie
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    While we did pay for the bridesmaids hair and makeup services the morning-of, they paid for their own dresses as well as any other shoes/accessories/manicure they wanted (I left this pretty open ended and just said I preferred a nude shoe and whatever nail color/accessories that made them feel fabulous so the girls didn't really have any extra expense)

    I also had a piece of jewelry for each of the bridesmaids that I gave them day-of as a gift, I'm wondering if those who are paying for the bridesmaids dresses are doing so in lieu of a bridesmaid gift? Or they're just really, really generous lol. Typically, as a bridesmaid I would anticipate paying for my own dress.

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  • S
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    I gave them a link to look at dresses on Davids bridal just so they would be the same color but left it up to them for what style they were most comfortable with. My bms range in age from 17 to 52 so definitely not requiring a specific dress. Lol Im not going bridezilla at all. Its a beach wedding. I just didn't know if it was unreasonable top expect them to buy their dress. Thanks for the advice!
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  • Joanna
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    I will only be giving money towards hair and makeup. If it's in your budget, go for it, but I don't think anyone is expecting you to pay for everything!
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  • Megan
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    We are not purchasing attire (except for accessories) for the bridal party. I am paying for professional HAMU for me & my girls, along with the moms.

    If you are requiring them to get their hair/makeup done, then you pay for the service. Else, you can let them do it themselves.
    It is definitely not unreasonable to have them purchase their own dress if it’s within their budget!
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  • Chrysta
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    I am paying for my MOH’s dress and makeup (no hair because she is a hairstylist and will be doing both our hair), but that is mainly because I am only having her and my man of honor stand up with me. If I were having a large bridal party, I would probably only pay for 1 thing. But it really depends on your budget. If you have the budget for it, then it’s a nice gesture... but not expected. Unless you are requiring your BMs to have their hair & makeup professionally done- if you are requiring it, then you should pay for it
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  • Caitlin
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    It is custom for bridesmaids to purchase their own dresses. As for hair and makeup, if you are requiring it, you pay. If you simply give them the option to join you in getting hair and makeup, they can pay for their own!
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  • Mrs.hays
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    My bridesmaids paid for their dresses and I paid for hair and makeup.
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