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Sharon, on July 24, 2020 at 4:36 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 5

I'm kinda bummed my dress didn't look as good as it did when I tried it on, it was looser and it fit perfect, It's lace and has an illusion back, plunging neck. Well when it came in it's a little too snug and all you can see is boobs. I'm a 34D and 5 ft tall and 112lbs. Soooo you see the problem. So I got the Brassy bra and it's works let me tell you but it does nothing to lift them up or make them "rounder", I'm squished looking and the top doesn't flow it's just tight. So 2 questions 1) Has anyone bought from the Bridal Bra company online? I'm trying it out but it's still in China and I ordered it 7/14, I read that in some cases it can take a month to get it! So I need alternatives for a bra, and not a sticky bra. 2) Can a dress that's too small made of lace and illusion material be taken out, my seamstress is amazing but I didn't talk to her about the tightness around my boobs and under my armpits. She kept saying how wonderful it fit but I'm not happy how my boobs look fat.


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  • Jana
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    It's much easier take a dress in than to let it out. If it's too snug, not much can be done except getting a larger dress.

    Shapermint has bras on their site that you can try. Otherwise get fitted for a custom bra at a high end lingerie shop. They can work with you to get what you need under your dress.
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  • Talia
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    I wouldn't recommend it honestly. I have a big chest and ordered the D and i hated how it made me look

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  • Lynnie
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    Oh no! I hope your package starts moving again and gets there soon so you can see if it works!

    It also doesn't hurt to talk to your seamstress again and see if there's anything they can do about the fit in the chest!

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  • Lia
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    I just bought a bra from The Bridal Bra. However I’ve seen reviews that it’s a scam. Did you receive yours?
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  • Sharon
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    Sharon ·
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    Yea but it sucked, took 2 mths, I got brassy bra & an adhesive bra for more support. Worked great
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