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Boudoir photo shoot

Crystal, on November 9, 2018 at 9:46 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 5
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So I've been back and forth about this for a little over a month and today I finally asked my photographer how she felt about Boudoir photography. I've known her since kindergarten and she is done all of my family photos are engagement photos and is also doing my wedding day but this will be her first experience with boudoir. I trust her though so. But anyways I'm planning to do a shoot to include up to 20 photos and get a photo book made to give to my fiance the morning of the wedding or the night before when we part ways. Has anyone else done anything like this?


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    Sarah ·
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    I just did my shoot last weekend and went back last night to pick my 20 pictures. I love them!!! I would look into boudoir specific photographers, someone with experience that will know what poses will photograph best for your body type and type of lingerie. My lady and her assistant showed me exactly how to pose, fixed my hair, position, everything.
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  • Kendra
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    Kendra ·
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    I haven’t done one but i went with my sister when she did hers for her now husband. I agree, definitely get a photographer that specializes in boudoir shoots...they will know the right angles and lighting that will make your photos turn out amazing!
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    Brianna ·
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    Has the photographer done a boudoir shoot before? If not I think it could totally still work! Look up pictures and poses you like! Practice infront of the mirror! The number one things is being comfortable with the photographer and if you’re very comfortable with them you’ll be able to let loose more and have more fun!!
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    Bridget ·
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    I did one as my husbands present for the night before our wedding. My wedding photographer did them and had experience. In the beginning I felt a little awkward but he was very encouraging and made me feel relaxed. My suggestion is take several different things with you and only do what your comfortable doing. My photographer had some outfits and props as well in his studio. My husband loved his book.
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  • MrsD
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    MrsD ·
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    This is pretty common for brides to do! It'll be fun, I hope you enjoy it! I'd look at lots of inspiration pictures prior for theme, outfit and background.

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