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Boudoir Book

Adriana, on October 11, 2020 at 8:53 PM Posted in Do It Yourself 0 7
I wanted to gift my FH a bridal boudoir album, but my budget isn’t going to allow for it. I did a diy boudoir shoot (thanks tiktok lol) and I was going to have them printed in a book but it’s just too pricey. I was thinking maybe some kind of virtual thing could work? And I could give him a large print of my favorite photo or something so he will have it. What do y’all suggest?


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  • Jasmine
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    You can check Canva. They have a photo book maker and they have the option to even get it printed for pretty cheap. I've seen some layouts for less than $30 before taxes and fees. I'm not sure if that's still in your budget. If not, you also have the option to just share it.

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  • Dallas
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    I did two for my FH, and I never made a book, all I did was print them off of Shutterfly (you get 100 free 4x6s a month) so I had Shutterfly print them, and I just used a cheap photo album from Walmart and added little saying inside, and notes. Just something to make it special.
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  • Melle
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    You could also just buy a photo album at a dollar store and print out photos on your own ! Prints can be really cheap like 9 cents a print or so
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  • D
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    Maybe a shutterfly book? they are pretty inexpensive

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  • V
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    Veronica ·
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    I would recommend Mixbook. They are good quality, but often have really great sales.

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  • Rhea
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    Rhea ·
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    How do you do a diy boudoir shoot?

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  • A
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    Adriana ·
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    There are lots of tutorials on tiktok, I did mine by setting up my phone where I wanted it (I used a tissue box) and just doing a video. Then I just made screenshots of the shots I liked. Then you can edit them however you’d like
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