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Bored Groom?

Terra, on October 27, 2019 at 6:46 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 4
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Hi all! I realized something earlier. This whole time I've been so focused on logistics and guest experience that I might have forgotten the most important part of all of this... my FH! He doesn't dance, doesn't really drink, and honestly isn't very comfortable being himself in large crowds. Obviously we're inviting our nearest and dearest and there's only 70 on the guest list, but even at events with just his big family he never really lets his hair down. I figured he'd be fine just sitting and visiting with his friends, but as we were talking I realized that this reception would basically be like a high school prom for him - cool for a while, but gets really boring really fast if you aren't interested in dancing (or drinking). As an added measure, he's into a lot of hardcore music that most of the guests wouldn't be, so beyond the two tracks of his I found with lovey lyrics in it, it's mostly pop-y tunes the general crowd will enjoy/he won't care for.
So now I'm trying to think of ways to make it more fun for him WITHOUT spending a bunch of money, bc the budget is tight. The venue is a two story boathouse. The ceremony will be on the second floor, the reception is downstairs. After the ceremony is over, there's nothing planned for the second floor. I figured guests might go up there if they wanted away from the music or something so now I'm thinking we could set something up there. He's not a sports dude, lawn games get boring after 15min, and just about anything else I can think costs a bunch or wouldn't work that late at night. He's a gamer, but I don't know how plausible or affordable it would be to have a whole gaming set up available upstairs. I also worry I wouldn't see my new husband at all that night if I were to do that, lol. I need ideas/opinions. If your groom isn't into parties, what is he going to be doing during the reception?


  • Amber
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    FH and I aren't exactly partiers, so we won't really have that vibe at our wedding. Of course we'll have music and we'll have our first dance, but I don't anticipate much more dancing (at least for us) after that. We're also not having an all-night event, we're going to do all the typical wedding reception stuff, eat some good food, and see our friends and family then escape to our honeymoon.

    I really wouldn't be concerned with finding something special to entertain him, that just makes it sound like he's a kid almost lol. My advice would just be to not have a super long reception/party so that when the formalities are over, the two of you can go do something you both enjoy. I'm sure he's going to enjoy your wedding either way, it's less about the logistics and more about enjoying the day you get to marry your best friend. If you're really worried about it, I would just ask him if there's something specific he'd like to include in the reception Smiley smile

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  • Allaura
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    Have you looked into like a gaming trunk thing lol my cousin had a like trailer full of consoles and games at one of his bday parties and that was really cool. Idk how much it is but it might be something to look into. 🤷🏽‍♀️
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  • Cristy
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    You'll most likely be busy visiting with your guests. Just make sure you schedule your reception to be on the shorter side, so you and FH can do the wedding stuff, and get on with the rest!

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  • Renee
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    Ask him. What's his opinion on it? And even with a small guest count, you'll still be busy all night

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