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Bali Indonesia

Allaa, on August 3, 2016 at 12:30 PM Posted in Honeymoon 1 8

Hi Ladies, been following the forums for a while. Has anyone visited Bali for their honeymoon? If so where did you stay? What did you do?


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  • Lynnie
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    Hi Allaa, welcome to WW! Make sure to upload a picture for your avatar (instead of the default icons) so that we can get to know you and tell you apart from all the other posters.

    I was able to find a few older posts about Bali, hope these help!




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  • Spirit
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    Spirit ·
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    Not for my honeymoon, but been there. We did kayaking, which was tons of fun, and apparently Bali is awesome for hiking and windsurfing.

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  • OG_MrsC
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    OG_MrsC ·
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    Following! We're going to Seminyak, Bali for ours.

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  • Judith
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  • [anonymous]
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    Also following! Looking to spend time in Ubud and possibly Seminyak Smiley smile

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  • L
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    Lauren ·
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    I wasn't in Bali for my honeymoon but spent about 10-11 days there last summer! Omg, I loved Bali!! I was in Ubud for 5-6 days and then stayed on the beach for 2-3 at Anantara Uluwatu, which involved a sunset view over the Indian Ocean.. It was stunning. There are many amazing restaurants in Ubud & lots to do in Ubud, like biking down a volcano, through the rice paddies, visiting a coffee plantation... There is just something special about Bali!!! I've been to several counties in Europe, but Bali just has a special place in my heart... As cheesy as that may sound!

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  • P
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    Pelican ·
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    I have been to Seminyak, Bali before and it was so stunningly beautiful! We stayed at the Anantara Hotel and it was perfect, the pools, ocean, food and rooms were so nice. The resort of Seminyak is actually quite bustling and active, but the hotel is about 10 minutes away so its the perfect mix of relaxation and civilization. I would definitely recommend Bali, it would be the perfect honeymoon destination or like to spend a week there and then a couple of weeks somewhere else like Thailand.


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  • K
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    Katie ·
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    We are seriously considering Bali/Thailand as our honeymoon destination as well! I think I have a mini-itinerary planned out in my head, but I would love more input from others who have been there, as well.

    @Allaa, did you guys decide to go with Bali? If so, do you know where you are staying yet?

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