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Back on track

Lynne, on July 25, 2019 at 11:05 PM Posted in Fitness and Health 0 3
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So, a few weeks ago I started to cut back on the amount of what I consumed, cut back on sugars and greasy foods.

That was put on pause because went on a family vacation to see family that I haven't seen in over 20 years. Felt good to see my family. One of my uncle's cooked breakfast everyday, he cooks with grease (he says it's a hillbilly thing. Yes part of my family are hillbillies, simple country folk). Then another uncle made a "hillbilly" breakfast. Then there was a family gathering but NO veggies, only fruit was watermelon). Then our last night in Ohio, we stayed at a hotel across from McDonald's (ate there), ate there, it wasn't the best but better than everything being cooked in grease. I walked 1.5 mile everyday (to get a signal on my phone). So, that kept me busy a little. When we went to the hotel I was in the pool for about 2 hours.

But I have been back for 1 week now and getting back on track has been a struggle. Today was day one of being on track and it feels AMAZING! This past week, I was careful on how much I ate but it was wonderful to get back to cooking and having fruits and veggies.

Tomorrow, I am getting myself back to the gym (I miss going). I have been busy taking a friend to and from work and she stopped going. I was letting that affect my gym attendance. But, not anymore. I told myself that I will NOT be a fat bride again.


  • Wendy
    Rockstar August 2020
    Wendy ·
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    Awesome!!! As long as you get back on track!!! Stay motivated.
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  • Lynne
    Super July 2021
    Lynne ·
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    Oh I am, more motivation will be when my tiny puppy is big enough for walks. He is only 6 weeks right now.
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  • WinesandWhiskey
    Devoted September 2019
    WinesandWhiskey ·
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    Awesome! The hardest part is getting back into that rhythm but it sounds like you got this!
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