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August Brides! It鈥檚 our time! 馃馃懓馃徎馃懓馃徏馃懓馃徑馃懓馃従馃懓馃徔馃

Erin, on July 31, 2020 at 7:17 PM Posted in Planning 0 7
We made it! Congratulations! Tell me what your wedding will look like with COVID? Where are you located and how many people will you have?!


Latest activity by Hallie, on August 2, 2020 at 11:13 PM
  • Angel
    Expert August 2020
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    Yay!! It will be me, my fiance, my MOH as a witness and an officiant on a beachside Santa Barbara cliff, before heading up to Big Sur for a minimoon!

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  • VIP August 2020
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    It's so soon! Ours will be the two of us, our immediate families, officiant, and photographer. It will be in my parents' back yard. My cousin is going to record violin music for us to play during the ceremony. Everyone is getting flowers (bouquet/boutoniere/corsage) and we'll have table centerpieces and a floral arch, which my dad is building. We're serving heavy appetizers in attractive individual containers for dinner, so no one has to touch anyone else's food, but we don't need a server. An ice cream truck is coming for dessert. We rented a tent and 7 tables, so we'll have 2-3 people per table with most people seated by household. I made masks for everyone and we bought mini hand sanitizers for each person. They'll be packaged together in "covid boxes" on each table. We sent save the dates to 160 people, so we're having a big reception next year at the venue where we originally planned to get married.

    What will your wedding be like?
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  • Kate
    Devoted August 2020
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    I鈥檓 August 14th in an indoor/outdoor space at less than 50% capacity (140 guests in a room that fits 300.) We were originally supposed to have about 250 people. It鈥檚 been an emotional roller coaster, full of stress and anxiety, but I will be so relieved to get to the day and I just hope we can enjoy it and let all of the craziness go. Congratulations to everyone becoming a Mrs. this month! 馃嵕馃挄
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  • Sexypoodle
    Master October 2021
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    Congrats ladies! Best wishes.
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  • Nicole
    Super August 2020
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    Our wedding is literally in the next few hours. We鈥檙e in the Chicagoland area. Originally, we were going to have a big wedding and get married at our church, but now that鈥檚 postponed to April 2021. Due to the uncertainty of covid, we decided to get married on our original date, August 1, 2020. We were going to do it in court, but then found out the courthouses were booked for like the next two months. So we searched for an officiant and are now getting married in a park in the city where we met and got engaged in. It鈥檒l just be our immediate family. Actually, no one really knows we鈥檙e still getting married on our original date so it鈥檒l be a surprise I guess.
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  • Monica
    Devoted August 2021
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    So bittersweet! We postponed the big wedding until next August but are still getting married in 6 days with 18 people outside at a state park. No reception as those are currently banned.
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  • Hallie
    Dedicated August 2020
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    August 14th in California :-) it鈥檚 an outside ceremony and reception with a max guest count of 100 which was perfect. We were very fortunate to not have had to postpone our wedding date. Congratulations to all couples getting married !
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