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Any Filipino brides out there know where to get veil/cord/coin?

Carolyn and George, on March 22, 2015 at 2:53 PM Posted in Planning 1 1
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Hi all! I am planning on doing the Filipino veil/cord/coin ceremony at my wedding. Does anyone know a good place to order those items from?


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    Congrats on your upcoming marriage! Smiley smile I'm a half-Filipina having a traditional Filipino wedding. My fiance is all white, so it's fun explaining everything to him. Smiley tongue Here are some sites I've found that have pretty veils/cords/coins/coin holders.



    http://www.weddingarras.com/wedding-arras-sets-with-coins.htm#heart-boxes (all the categories are on the right in this website)

    My mom sent money to my family in the Philippines to get my wedding veil/cord/coins, so this is what they got me. Good luck!

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