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All Inclusive wedding in California on a budget?

Phuong, on August 18, 2022 at 11:04 AM Posted in California Planning 0 1

I am newly engaged and already stressed about the finances/planning of a wedding. I've been hearing about all inclusive weddings and wanted to hear from those who've had them done before. Are they worth it? If you have an all inclusive, do you need a wedding planner too? What's the best company to consider for someone who lives in California (so far I only found Westwood Weddings)?

Factors to consider:

- I live in the East Bay but am willing to travel a few hours away to look for a venue/all inclusive. We'd like if the ceremony was outdoors but it can be outdoor/indoor for the reception.

- A rough count of people would be possibly 75-100 people. (The 100 is less likely but my family is large and I'm preparing for the most expensive as a just in case).

- My budget unfortunately is not that great. I can afford 10K, but 12K would probably be my breaking point.

- I'm pretty simple. I don't like having way too many options to choose from because it overwhelms me. I would like to customize a few things but they're minor details.

Any tips or suggestions or even a dose of reality would be most appreciated. Thank you!


Latest activity by Lynnie, on August 31, 2022 at 12:39 PM
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    Hi Phuong! You should play around with WeddingWire's Cost Guide - it's a great tool that shows you the average spend by engaged couples in your area on each wedding service, so it gives you a great idea on costs!! For example, food & booze can easily start at $100 per guest - so the size of your guest list is hugely impactful on your total budget:

    WeddingWire Cost Guide

    You could also think about doing a brunch/lunch wedding, a mid-afternoon wedding, or a late night dessert & drinks reception as a way to save money by avoiding a big meal!!

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