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90% chance of rain!!!!

Amanda, on June 4, 2019 at 5:24 PM Posted in Planning 0 7
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They upped the chance of rain to 90% on Saturday! I’m so bummed! I don’t mind having the ceremony inside, but that means no outside photos! Ugh! Any advice?


  • Melle
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    Melle ·
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    I'm sorry to hear! Were you looking for greenery and just photos in an outdoorsy with plants and flowers type of feel? If so then maybe you can find a place that has a greenhouse to take photos that way you get some greenery and flowers?
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  • Lauren
    Super September 2019
    Lauren ·
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    Check for hourly updates. You may get a break in rain for an hour to get photos. cloudy/stormy photos look awesome! If not grab a clear umbrella and take some romantic rainy photos! Also it's good luck!Smiley heart

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  • B
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    Becky ·
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    My brother and SIL got great photos in the middle of a tropical storm - just look for a little lull in the rain drops and get a cool umbrella

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  • Sexypoodle
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    Sexypoodle ·
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    Maybe there are spots at your venue that are outside yet covered, like a patio. Or maybe there’s an extra large picture window that you could stand in front of with the outdoors behind you
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  • Melissa
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    Melissa ·
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    Fingers crossed that it’s only an hour or so in the day and not the whole day! Start praying to the weather Gods!
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  • Allison
    Just Said Yes August 2020
    Allison ·
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    I've seen some really cute wedding photos with umbrellas! Pinterest Smiley smile
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  • latasha
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    latasha ·
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    Rain photos sometimes make really great photos. Not sure about putting your wedding party through that but maybe you and your love would be willing to do some. Here’s some I googled

    90% chance of rain!!!! 1

    90% chance of rain!!!! 2

    90% chance of rain!!!! 3
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