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Laura, on September 22, 2019 at 5:12 PM Posted in Fitness and Health 0 2
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Hi fellow brides. I just said yes to the dress yesterday but I want to feel better in my dress for my first fitting in Jan/Feb. I haven’t been the best about my diet but I do exercise at least 5x a week (running and HIIT). I would like to have my arms like more toned as well. Any brides have input on what worked/didn’t work? Meeting with a trainer? I have My Fitness Pal which has been really helpful but I don’t want to get crazy. I still would like to enjoy a nice glass of wine and dinner out from time to time without feeling guilt. My goal would be to lose 10-15 pounds. Thanks, all!


  • Sinéad
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    Hey Laura!! Congratulations on saying yes to your beautiful dress! How exciting!! What is it like? I’m sure it’s absolutely beautiful on you!!

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  • Melissa
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    Hi! I have my first dress fitting in that time frame as well and am losing weight for it! I paid $3k for a trainer and honestly, maybe didn't need it? I did it mainly because my relationship with food was becoming unhealthy and I was doing every fad diet that I couldn't stick to realistically and needed direction which I got.

    To get the "toned" look you want, you'll need to put on some muscle and lower body fat. If you're with a gym, I would suggest doing the free monthly consult if it offers something like that. Not sure where you stand with the misconception of "lifting weights makes you bulky" but you won't be able to get bulky unless you are REALLY intentional about doing so and eat a surplus of calories to do it. Start lifting weights 3-4x a week in addition to your cardio 3x a week plus a clean diet for the most part...plus occasional luxuries (;

    Personally after 5 months with my trainer, I found that I use MFP app to track the calories and macros for Protein, Fat, and Carbs that she has set out for me and stick to that. I'm definitely not as lean I was on her strict diet but I'm still losing fat and weight while gaining muscle so that's working for me!

    P.S. Look into Linn Lowes' fitness plans online. She's on instagram and you can see the results of the people on there that do it. It's got a free trial and it's a $20 month-to-month kind of app so no big commitments! Hope this helps, love! My wedding is in May and you can reach out to me if you want to keep accountability with someone! Smiley laugh

    **Any fitness information given is relayed from my (very expensive) personal trainer.

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