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6pm ceremony

Terra, on August 26, 2017 at 12:27 PM Posted in Planning 0 16

My ceremony will start at 6pm. I'm at at a total loss and overwhelmed with all of this. (As I'm sure 99% of brides are). My question is what did/does your 6pm timeline look like? I was told by my MOH that my photographer will have this planned out for me but she hasn't said anything about it. (I did send her a message asking if she plans on doing this or if I need to...bc I have no clue how it works) also I still haven't taken my dress to get altered. The wedding is in 31 days. Should I take it in the next couple of days? When I called the altering place I was told to bring it a month before the wedding. Does this sound right?


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  • Del
    Master November 2017
    Del ·
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    Call your photographer. There's no need for a middle man; you are the client, not your MOH. Don't message - call.

    If this is when they said to bring your dress in, bring it in.

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  • Celia Milton
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    Call your photographer and your venue.

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  • Kayla
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    Kayla ·
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    Makr an appointment to get your dress alterations ASAP. Check with photographer and coordinator about timeline. If not there are some helpful timelines you can look at on Pinterest

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  • Corine
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    Corine ·
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    We are having a 6pm start time as well. Our photographer suggested ours and we are coordinating with our other vendors/venue. We are doing a first look and wanted to be sure we have enough time for pics and some down time before the ceremony

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  • Ashley
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    Ashley ·
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    You should have your dress getting altered ASAP. I'm having a 6pm wedding.

    6-6:30 ceremony

    6:30-7:30 cocktail hour

    7:30-8:15 grand entrance, first dances, speeches, dinner

    8:15-9:15 dancing

    9:15- cake

    9:30-midnight dancing.

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  • OnTheWayToMrsA
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    OnTheWayToMrsA ·
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    I had a 6:30pm ceremony, so alter mine by a half hour, but the day looked like this:

    12:30pm: Hair and Makeup at salon

    2:30pm: Limo to venue

    3pm: Have lunch, get dressed

    4pm: First look, photos with wedding party and family

    6pm: Touch up hair and makeup

    6:30pm: Ceremony!

    7pm: Cocktail hour

    8pm-12am: Reception

    I started having my dress altered one month prior and ended up needing 3 fittings (one per week) before I picked up the finished gown 3 days before the wedding. You should get on it right away, but you should be fine at this time Smiley smile

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  • Rachel DellaPorte
    Rachel DellaPorte ·
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    Get the dress to the seamstress. That's job #1.

    And as another poster said, you should be handling the timeline with vendors, not your MOH. Call the photographer (don't email -- call). I'd also check with your venue. Believe me, they have a timeline, and they're sticking to it.

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  • SoontobeaCurtis2017
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    SoontobeaCurtis2017 ·
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    Uh depending what needs to be done with your dress you might not have time! It took 2 weeks to take it in and another 3 weeks for the hem.

    I did my own timeline and let the photographer know

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  • T
    Savvy September 2017
    Terra ·
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    I think you guys are misunderstanding I'm not leaving it up to my MOH we were just talking about the timeline one day and she said "I think the photographer is suppose to do that...but I'm not sure" Smiley smile and as far as the venue goes they are very laid back. My wedding is on a Wednesday she (the lady who owns the venue) said I don't have a time line or limit due to it being during the week. I will turn the key in the next day.

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  • danilaughs
    Expert August 2018
    danilaughs ·
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    My 6:30 timeline is as follows:

    10:30 - hair and makeup

    2:00-4:00 - last minute details, eat

    4:00 - head to venue, get dressed

    4:30 - first look, family and BP portraits

    6:30 - ceremony

    7:00 - cocktail hour

    7:45 - dinner and reception

    Haven't got it mapped out past that, but my wedding is almost a year away. And yes, my photographer will be helping with my timeline a lot.

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  • Cassidy
    VIP October 2017
    Cassidy ·
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    Any communication that discusses details make sure you have it in writing. Emails are a good way to confirm details and set them in stone as many vendors who don't typically do weddings don't use contracts.

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  • ambrok
    Master October 2017
    ambrok ·
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    Like PP...you need to get your 1st dress fitting scheduled with your seamstress ASAP.

    For our timeline, we reached out to our vendors to ask how much time they needed/time of arrival, etc (venue, DJ, photographer & HMU). We created a draft & ran it by the vendors to ensure someone didn't need more time, etc.

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  • ifallforgeeks
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    ifallforgeeks ·
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    My wedding is on a Friday so i tweaked it a bit. I wanted guests especially ones coming straight from work to be able to get something to eat/drink before the ceremony. Also gives them a little more time to make the 6pm ceremony.

    4:00-5:00 first look and wedding party photos

    5:00-6:00 actually a cocktail hour for guests; I'll be hiding away in the bridal suite/final touches.

    6:00-6:30 ceremony!

    6:30-6:50 - some family portraits, allow guests to get back to the reception area and get drinks

    6:50-7:00 introduction of wedding party and FH/me immediately followed by our first dance

    7:00-7:45 dinner

    7:45-11 dancing, cake cutting, etc

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  • Julie
    VIP April 2018
    Julie ·
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    They told me 8-12 weeks for dress alterations. Hopefully you don't need much done because 30 days is a tight timeline but if they gave you that number then get that dress in now!

    For the photographer- definitely call. Email isn't the best type of communication. I only gave pictures list that were my "must haves". I let him know what time my ceremony was and we discussed the timeline together.

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  • Brittany
    Devoted November 2017
    Brittany ·
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    I am 68 days away and I have already taken mine this week. So go like now!!

    But as far as timeline.. my photographer has pretty much given me a guideline to follow and now I'm working with my coordinator to fit everything in to my picture needs. Calm down it will be ok!! Smiley smile

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  • StPaulGal
    Master July 2017
    StPaulGal ·
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    Here's ours:

    11:30--brunch with the wedding party and their SOs

    1:00--gain access to the venue, bring everything in

    1:15--men leave for luxury shaves

    1:30--hair and makeup begins

    3:00--men return, everyone gets dressed

    3:30--first look

    4:30--wedding party photos

    5:00--families photos

    5:30--quiet time with FH before the ceremony. (Also potential buffer time if other things run long


    6:30--cocktail hour


    8:30 ish--cut cake and first dance

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