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"50 Outdated Wedding Trends"

Pat, on July 27, 2021 at 10:52 PM Posted in Community Conversations 0 4

WoW! Check out this ....... although I agree with a lot of these so-called "outdated trends", I think they are off the mark on others. Just thought I'd toss this in the ring for discussion!


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  • Emilia
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    Emilia ·
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    Hello !

    There are other things popular in Europe I would say, we copy a lot from you, so some of those stuff just have become trendy ! ;-) Like donuts wall, "first look" photos, having bridesmaids... However, barns, hay everywhere, jute, jars everywhere, wooden logs - for years it has been A MUST for 90% of French brides, most of them living in a city and not even knoving how you make hay ;-)

    I just think that every couple should find something that is really reflecting their personnalities. Trendy or not ;-)

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  • Michelle
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    Michelle ·
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    There’s no list that will be universally agreed on. Pick what you want and throw out the rest.
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  • Jessi
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    Jessi ·
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    The two that stuck out to me the most because of their captions were the barn weddings and flower crowns. We're doing a barn wedding because it was the best type of venue we could find that fit our personalities and the type of formality we were looking for. The place we picked was built specifically to be a wedding venue, so it's actually very nice inside, climate controlled, and not super rustic looking. We don't want a "country wedding" but like the idea of having a fire pit and some yard games while also being able to keep it a dressy casual sort of event. They mention keeping your venue to something that relates closely to you and your interests... if we did that we'd end up with a redneck wedding at a racetrack lol, and that's not the type of people we are.

    For the flower crowns they mention that they'll date all of your pictures, but literally everything about what we do now will date the photos, so what's the point. You can look back in 20-30 years and giggle at what was popular during the time, like giant sleeves in the 80s, and still be able to have fond memories of the day. People need to just do what they want and don't let anyone tell them otherwise.

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  • E
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    Eniale ·
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    Any time an article has a title that says "such and such should stop" I immediately disregard it, even if I agree with some of the entries.

    Simply because, well, who the heck are they? Some chicks (most likely) behind a computer screen, no different than us. I could go write an article and slap it up on some .org site, too. The site is an ad revenue farm, that's why the article is split across multiple "slides" (they get revenue from every "next page" click) and I would almost guarantee the authors weren't paid to write it, so there's no quality control or bias review. Why do I care what some random girls writing their personal opinions for free have to say about trends?

    Language like this: "We’re sorry, but if you have a themed wedding, that’s just not okay." Just not okay? By whose freaking standards? Things that are just not okay: poisoning your neighbor's dog, or driving drunk. Reality check. (Also, "Weddings should be elegant, beautiful..." BY. WHOSE. STANDARDS? Who the heck are these people to declare weddings should be ANY way?)

    Also, anything that says "this will date your wedding photos".... you know what also dates your wedding photos? Your entire appearance. My wedding was almost 20 years ago, and I promise you I do not look like I did then... so yeah, my wedding photos are dated! By my face!

    As long as you aren't doing anything illegal or offending your guests, do whatever the heck you want. Have a Cinderella-themed wedding with a triangle altar hung with a neon sign, carrying a succulent bouquet, with your reception decked out in twinkle lights and a six-foot donut wall, chased with a trash the dress photoshoot if you so choose.

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