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3Rd time’s a charm - theme

Lindseyb, on April 18, 2021 at 10:51 AM Posted in Do It Yourself 1 4
Hey y’all. We pushed our wedding 2x due to covid and our 3rd STD looked like this (with a subtle legal reference I let my FH lawyer have). I’m trying to find a way to incorporate the “third times the charm” into our actual wedding, but minimally. We took the date changes in stride and made the best of it and fortunately did not lose anyone to covid so we want to make a little fun of the fact we’re FINALLY getting married. Thoughts??? 3Rd time’s a charm - theme 1


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  • Mary
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    Mary ·
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    Hi Lindsey, I’m in the same boat. We have two dates picked last year and cancelled them because of COVID. Unfortunately we did loose a friend to COVID and one to cancer. Both of our parents have passed on in 2018. What I was thinking for our 3rd times a charm, was getting a charm for my husband to put on his keychain so he is reminded of our special day.
    My dilemma is that there isn’t dancing at this time so I’d like to have everyone do something fun to pass the time.
    Congratulations on your wedding! Mary
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  • A
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    Alli ·
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    I like the above person’s idea with the charm... I wouldn’t give much thought into it. It is already an awkward and sensitive situation. I wouldn’t want anything tacky either.
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  • Jessyca
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    I love Mary's idea... if you want to put it throughout the wedding you can incorporate a charm on your bouquet, on the centerpieces, or with your escort/namecards (budget permitting).

    How do you feel about lucky charms the cereal? Potential (depending on catering or venue requirements) for serving lucky charms donuts as a fun dessert for you or your guests.

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  • Lynnie
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    Lynnie ·
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    Hi Lindsey! Your save the date is so cute!!

    What about incorporating “third time’s in a charm” into some of your decor? You could have it on your guest book or cake topper!

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