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2 Months Away!

Lia, on December 3, 2018 at 12:34 PM Posted in Planning

Okay so today marks two months until my wedding and I couldn't be more excited I feel like I'm floating on air! The only disappointment I have right now is that I wanted to lose more weight, but I still have not done alterations for my dress so I have time. I just ordered my bridal party gifts and rehearsal dinner invitations today! I also sent out my invitations. I am OFFICIALLY freaking out!



  • Miranda
    Expert February 2019
    Miranda ·
    Ah, we are date twins! I can’t believe there are only 60 days to go! I’m going for my first alteration appointment next week...I’ve been trying to lose some weight as well, but there’s still time!
  • Lia
    Dedicated February 2019
    Lia ·
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    That is so exciting! I had an option to go for alterations now but I decided to wait because the full time seamstress is away so I wanted to use her lol. How is the rest of your planning?
  • Alyssa
    Master December 2019
    Alyssa ·

    thats getting really close!!


    i bet you are so going to look amazing whether a few more pounds can come off or not, but definitely sending skinny vibes so it’s what you wanted lol
  • Kenisha
    Champion June 2019
    Kenisha ·
    Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊🍾 your wedding day will be here before you know it.
  • Brittany
    Rockstar April 2019
    Brittany ·

    Yay! So close! Invitations going out makes everything real. I can't wait til I get there!

    Don't stress about your dress as long as you ordered it to fit you right now, and not a goal size or weight, you are golden. You're going to look great!

  • Rebecca
    Master October 2025
    Rebecca ·

    Yay Lia! I'm so excited for you!! You are going to look absolutely beautiful on your wedding - no matter what!!

  • Pamela
    Devoted January 2019
    Pamela ·

    I feel the same way! Have you ever tried the 21 day fix? The first time I didn't it I lost like 7 pounds, I think it's just enough to give you a confidence boost. I'll be doing it like 30 days before mine to get in that extra week

  • Miranda
    Expert February 2019
    Miranda ·
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    It's going pretty well! Mainly trying to get all of our final payments made, and I have a giant list of small things I need to get done. I still feel pretty calm right now, but I think I'll be a little bit frantic when Jan 1st rolls around, ha ha.

  • angela
    Savvy February 2019
    angela ·
    Yay Lia I'm so excited for you! I'm happy to hear you're also getting married in February, my fiance Ryan and I are getting married on the 15th. We have everything booked, we're ordering our finalized reception invitations and rsvps this week. We had our dessert tasting on Tuesday and everything was perfect, I'm really excited about our traditional Irish dessert too!!! Not freaking out totally lol, just wanting and trying to get as much done as I can before it gets closer. My goal is not to scramble before the wedding and so far everything for our wedding is done except our program. Reception is when we come back to SD. Play "We're all in this together "
  • A
    Savvy February 2019
    Angel ·
    Time is flying by. I NEED to lose some weight but it's so difficult. Still waiting on a few groomens to get fitted, I need to order menus placements. I need ideals for budget friendly wedding favors.
  • Beginner February 2019

    Ahhh the countdown! Mine is the 23rd and I still have to order my invitations. I have one style ready to go on Minted but I'm on the fence. I was happy with the Save the Dates I used with them, but I'm doing the folded option without inserts so save costs.

    As for losing weight, I'm in the same boat. I started Orangetheory and have already lost 6 lbs and toned up a ton!! I'm signed up for 4x a week maybe more for all of December and January so we will seeeee! If you have a studio by your house, I recommend investing in the unlimited package until the wedding. Game changer, for sure.

    Also, our venue provides the cake but we went with their Tiramisu. I kind of wanted a tiered cake but you cannot do that with tiramisu! So I was suggested by a friend to do a dummy cake for tradition. I might do it!! Thoughts?

    Have fun ladies. SO excited for you all! XX

  • Nathan and Kaitlyn
    Just Said Yes February 2019
    Nathan and Kaitlyn ·
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    Omgosh this is ME in a nutshell! A lot of our really big things are obviously finalized but I’m not a tiny details person naturally so all the tiny details are driving me crazy! January will definitely have me panicked!
  • PurdyAikey
    Super January 2019
    PurdyAikey ·

    I am a month and a half AWAY! What do you have left?

  • C
    Just Said Yes February 2019
    Candice ·
    Yay!! Two months. Lia it’s possible to lose the weight. I started dieting a month ago. I’ve been counting my calories, trying to keep them under 1500 a day. I have also been detoxing. I came across these detox pills that are ‘natural’. I have lost about 6 pounds. 2 months away means it’s time to get serious about it. I’m excited for you and I. Lol You can do it!
  • Mrs. Cohen
    Super October 2018
    Mrs. Cohen ·

    YAY Congratulations on being so close!! How exciting! Savor all of the happiness you feel because it will be over so fast lol I didn't believe that, but my wedding 2 months ago flew by in about 30 seconds!

    A tiny bit of advice to your remark on not losing as much weight as you had hoped to.... I was in the same boat, but I made my photographer aware of my insecurities and she worked well with me to capture photos I'd love that hid those insecurities; so if you're having any, I highly recommend sharing them with your photographer

    Congrats again!

  • Alyssa
    Master December 2019
    Alyssa ·

    thats all so exciting

    it sounds like things are really really happening quickly for now

    just don’t stress on a couple of pounds: if you get there that’s cool but you are going to be radiant regardless!!
  • Mary
    Savvy February 2019
    Mary ·

    Yay!! Congratulations! Almost there! Me too- 2 months to go, I hear you on the weight/fittings issue. I decided when I run up to the fitting, I will work on toning my arms (I have a sleeveless dress) since that won't effect the size but make me feel more confident in photos. Good advice from His Mrs. C on working with your photographer to get your good angles! My photographer told me the happier I am, (and show it!) the more relaxed I will be and the better the photos turn out. So that's my plan- when the day hits- all worries stop and all of my happiness on marrying my best friend takes over my day.

  • Kyle-Lynn
    Expert February 2019
    Kyle-Lynn ·

    Two months! I just got my table numbers yesterday! I ordered from oriental trading and they were on clearance and look cute (I actually only need up to five, but it came with 12, the sticks had to be trimmed a little because the wood cut outs are too heavy to be too tall, but for less than $8, I love em! I have been super busy with holiday arts and crafts shows (we do custom décor) and an art show that launches tomm.

    Table Numbers! 2 Months Away! 1

  • Kyra
    Beginner February 2019
    Kyra ·
    Hey everyone!

    I feel like things could be going better better to be honest. I feel like I’ve just been spending more and more money daily, which in a way is good because I’m almost done paying stuff off but it’s exhausting and with Christmas coming up, it’s been even more stressful. Not to mention I don’t think we’re doing a rehearsal dinner because I’m not sure that we can afford it and my soon to be in laws aren’t paying for it. And I agree with the losing weight thing. I’m trying so hard to but with my stress I just want to eat candy all day long.

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