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Justin and I met our freshmen year of High School at the first Varsity, football game of the season. We were acquaintances who shared mutual friends.... View More

Justin and I met our freshmen year of High School at the first Varsity, football game of the season. We were acquaintances who shared mutual friends. Obviously there was an attraction to each other the first day we met, but like 14 year old babies, we didn't put much thought into it. We never shared classes except homeroom and we never hung out outside of school. It wasn't until senior year that we ran into each other the first day of the academic year. It was a rainy first day of school and I was struggling with my textbooks and wet umbrella. Time was counting down to the final bell and he was running late to class as well. The only two in the hallway, we spotted one another. Lightly jogging from the other end of the hall, he ran up to me to say hello. Trying to keep my composure I smiled politely and gave him a cheerful greeting. In that moment of him offering a helping hand and walking me to class in the opposite direction he was heading in, I knew... His kindness is what caught my attention. His gentle eyes and goofy humor made each day with him exciting. The rest was history. He took me to prom and asked me to be his GF and we have been emotionally inseparable ever since.

Happily married 🎉

August 14, 2021

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