Met in Cleveland, Ohio. Proposed to in Madrid, Spain. Married in Chios, Greece.

Happily married 🎉

July 28, 2018

1228days 11hrs

Lynnie commented:

1056 days ago

Did your wedding vendors make the list?? The winners of the 2019 Couples' Choice Awards® are here! Come see who won and give a shout out to your vendor team here:

Lynnie commented:

1154 days ago

It's time to play "Most Likely To..." - wedding guest edition!! Come share which of your guests are most likely to commit these etiquette offenses:

Maren commented:

1183 days ago

Want to win $1000? There's only a few days left to enter! Share your favorite photos of your personalized and unique wedding moments to enter the HowWeWed contest:

Jo commented:

1193 days ago

The next time you’re spending some time on WeddingWire can you stop into the Mission from the 20th? I need some info from you ASAP!

Jo commented:

1208 days ago

Hey Pegs! I want to give you a heads up that week’s and last week’s mission are still and crying out for some Rockstar love!

Future Mrs. S commented:

1230 days ago

your wedding day is this weekend!!! excited? nervous? ready??? Congrats!!

Lynnie commented:

1233 days ago

We’re gonna party like it’s week! Because it is! Come connect with other couples getting married this week and share your date so we can send you all our best wishes!

Allie commented:

1238 days ago

Hey girlie! From your previous post, Im assuming your already in Greece prepping for your big day!!! I hope everything is going well, and you have the best day ever! Cant wait to see your BAM!!

Sara commented:

1246 days ago

Hi there! I see you're getting married pretty soon! Are there any last minute things you need to get done before the big day?

ISaidHallYes commented:

1316 days ago

Come join in on a discussion about elegant weddings. Post your ideas about what makes an elegant wedding for you and what your plans are. For me candles make everything elegant and romantic!

Liana commented:

1322 days ago

Hi fellow Rockstar, Pegs! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming July 2018 wedding - it's now close to exactly 3 months away! Exciting time :)

Jennifer commented:

1350 days ago

Hi there is a conversation in Honeymoon, a bride is looking for some information on Greece, I didn't know if you could help her out, but I mentioned that you were getting married in Greece!

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