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Willow & Thistle provides vibrant and creative floral arrangements for special occasions – weddings, mitzvahs, holiday parties, galas and private parties of all types. We are pure artisans in the trade, crafting visionary works of beauty that match your personal style and grace. Our artistic vision extends far beyond the florals – we can theme and color your entire event including lighting, tablescapes and draping. More than our artistry, though, is our commitment to you and your special day - and we would be honored to be a part of it.

Please reach out to us at 215-616-8400 or email us at sales@willowandthistle.com.

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Regions serviced: Philadelphia

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Willow & Thistle was one of my favorite vendors to work with during this whole process. They were very talented, upfront, honest and willing to work with me as a bride on a budget. Willow & Thistle basically gave us a break down of options, we were able to provide how much we wanted to pay and they fit the flowers into out budget. They had a few check-up phone calls leading up to the date which was a great comfort to me. Since we were getting married at Normandy, we also were able to get free uplighting in our venue which added an amazing aura to the space. Lastly, Jen sent me photos of my bouquets the day before to show me how things were coming along. That was a really cool touch! My flowers and centerpieces were gorgeous and my bouquet is still sitting in my vase on my coffee table as I write this! Totally recommend Willow & Thistle for any brides!

Profile Picture Lauren, 7/20/18, 6 Reviews
Category: Flowers

W&T was absolutely a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We cannot say enough good things about working with them. Professional, responsiveness and beautiful bouquets, centerpieces and décor they provided. Our first meeting with Steve we gave budget and he told us what would work or not, gave ideas how to save money, buys our own vases and rocks. Many emails later we had a plan and they executed my garden vision. Along with our flowers and décor we got an officiant too! Steve was amazing! He beautifully combined his own ideas with mine for our ceremony. He was always professional and made our ceremony personal to fit my husband and I.

Profile Picture Ashley, 5/27/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Flowers, Lighting & Decor, Officiant, Wedding Cake

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Absolutely stunning and vibrant floral arrangements and decor. We have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Willow & Thistle, and have a first-hand account of their beautiful arrangements and color schemes. We feel very comfortable and confident recommending them for your upcoming party or wedding reception!

Willow & Thistle is more than just a flower shop, they are event design specialists. I have seen first hand the work that they do and the way they can transform a room with their artistic talents. They should be your one and only stop when it comes to custom floral design and event decor.

Willow & Thistle is the hippest suburban Philly florist out there! They are setting up at the club every other event!


1401 Morris Road, Blue Bell, PA 19422   See On Map
215-616-8400 (phone)