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Wedding photography featuring the most important things; people, moments, and crazy kickass colors.

Villa Visuals is a wedding photography company in Anaheim, California, servicing weddings throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. The team of photographers work to tell your wedding story through beautiful, colorful photographs. The photographers use photojournalistic coverage and natural lighting to capture the moments and emotions that are most important on your special day.

Mike is the lead photographer at Villa Visuals, and is passionate about honoring peoples’ stories and where they have come from; reflecting this idea through his photographs. He is joined by Kevin, the expert photojournalistic photographer, and their intern, Jeremy.

Services Offered
Villa Visuals offers several wedding packages to choose from. Packages include high-resolution images, toning, digital files and shooting in multiple locations. Additional items can be added to packages; like a second shooter, pre-wedding coverage and a day-after session. Photography services include:

  • Additional hours
  • Destination/travel
  • Engagement shoot
  • Wedding portraits
  • Trash the dress
  • Albums
  • Prints
  • Canvas

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Regions serviced: Orange County, Los Angeles

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My fiancé and I booked Mike to do a little engagement shoot for us, and oh my gosh, it was incredible! First off, Mike is hilarious. We were laughing and able to ease into having a camera in front of our faces after just a few minutes. Mike told us exactly how he wanted us to pose, where to look, and what to do. There was no guesswork for us! On top of all of that, our pictures were INCREDIBLE. We are blown away. Seriously, these photos are going to last us a lifetime and we're going to be looking at them forever. They aren't even our wedding photos and we're that stoked about them! Villa Visuals is who you need to hire if you want incredible photos!

Photo of Villa Visuals in Anaheim, CA
Photo of Villa Visuals in Anaheim, CA
Photo of Villa Visuals in Anaheim, CA
Photo of Villa Visuals in Anaheim, CA
Photo of Villa Visuals in Anaheim, CA
Photo of Villa Visuals in Anaheim, CA
Photo of Villa Visuals in Anaheim, CA
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Profile Picture Jeremy, 5/25/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography

Mike is the best.

He shot my wedding a couple years ago, and he killed it.

Mike is an extremely talented photographer and a great human. He is a master of light and composition, and utilizes some of the best equipment available today for photographers. While he excels in his portraits, his style is more photo journalistic, as he finds creative ways to capture all of the events naturally during the wedding day. You won’t always notice Mike taking photos, because he is constantly finding unique angles to capture in the background, like a ninja. He is always present, but never intrusive, which allows you to feel relaxed and enjoy your special day.

I actually film wedding videos as part of my work, and have filmed a few weddings along side Mike. I have worked with hundreds of different wedding photographers, and I truly believe Mike is one of the elites.

Here are some reasons why:
-He is a confident shooter, and does not rely of burst firing his camera hoping he got the shot. Needs only a few shutter fires then moves quickly on to framing another perspective.
-He is a master of natural light and artificial light(flash). He can craft beautiful natural daylight, or stylize a moment with the accents of precisely positioned flashes.
-He owns and utilizes the best camera gear in order to deliver the best photos he possibly can.
-He takes the stress out of the wedding day. It is important to feel comfortable in front of the lens to exude the right emotions, and Mike knows how to get you to that level.
-He works well along side other wedding vendors (videographer, coordinator, etc) seeking to create an overall successful wedding day in all aspects

So if you admire the photos on Mike’s website and portfolio, I would not hesitate to book him for your wedding. He truly is a special talent, and consistent and confident in his work. His personality is infectious, and I guarantee you will have made a new friend by the end of your wedding day.

Photo of Villa Visuals in Anaheim, CA
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Profile Picture Ben, 10/31/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Villa Visuals is a wedding photographer from Anaheim servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Villa Visuals is a professional photographer that has been part of the Southern California wedding industry since 2011 specializing in photojournalistic wedding photography and engagement photos.