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Matt Ramos Photography, a creative wedding photographer in the Albany, New York area, blends contemporary and traditional styles to capture the most stunning moments of a couples’ wedding day. He shoots dramatic wedding portraits and candid photojournalistic snapshots throughout the couple's special day. Founded in 2003, Matt Ramos Photography captures more than 60 weddings every year in New York and the tri-state area.

Services Offered
Couples can count on the photographer to offer the following services for their wedding:

  • Additional hours
  • Custom graphics
  • Engagement shoot
  • High-resolution images
  • Liability insurance
  • Multiple locations
  • Second shooter

Other Services
Matt Ramos Photography creates images couples will want to memorialize for generations. They can choose from the following products for their wedding photos:

  • Albums
  • Canvas
  • Digital files
  • Flush mount
  • Matted prints
  • Prints
  • Save the date
  • Thank you cards

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Regions serviced: Albany

80 Reviews for Matt Ramos Photography

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5 STARS IS NOT ENOUGH to describe how I feel about Matt Ramos. I was referred by a friend to contact Matt for my wedding and I was not disappointed. He surpassed any expectations I had for him because I had heard so many great things prior. Matt was prompt and paid close attention to detail, and what I loved most about him (besides his personality)...is his amazing eye for artistic photography. Each photograph he captured with a unique essence of love and happiness reflected from the day. I fell in love with Matt and you will too, that I can promise you. Hire him! You will not regret it!

Profile Picture Shay, 9/9/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Matt Ramos is the best of the best at photography. We used him for both our engagment photo shoot and our wedding day and we could not be happier with our choice. Not only do his pictures come out breathtakingly beautiful, but he also makes you feel comfortable while they are being taken. For example, he makes jokes when he wants you to laugh to ensure that nothing looks forced and it works every time. He also took the time to make sure my realitives were happy, taking beatuitul family portraits for their own family albums with our consent. Lastly, we ordered the photobooth he offers with the print out pictures and all of my guest, young and old, loved it! People were in and out of the photobooth all night long using the props and posing with friends and family. The best part? Andrew and I got a flashdrive with all of the photos on it so we got to enjoy the pictures that we were not there to see. I highly suggest you book with Matt Ramos for your big day becuase he is worth every penny!

Photo of Matt Ramos Photography in Schenectady, NY
Photo of Matt Ramos Photography in Schenectady, NY
Photo of Matt Ramos Photography in Schenectady, NY
Photo of Matt Ramos Photography in Schenectady, NY
Photo of Matt Ramos Photography in Schenectady, NY
Photo of Matt Ramos Photography in Schenectady, NY
Profile Picture Marissa , 8/26/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography

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Additional Hours
Custom Graphics
Engagement Shoot
High-Res Images
Liability Insurance
Multi. Locations
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Destination / Travel
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Wedding Portraits
Digital Files
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86 Photos
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Professional Network & Endorsements

Matt's photography is top notch. He has an imaginative perspective and an inate ability to find the perfect shot.

Just look at his photos...Very creative style and vast knowledge of light, and post production tools

When the wedding planner for the lead singer of Lady Antebellum came into town to book me for the wedding, she showed me 12 photos - six of which belonged to Matt. I said "I know that guy!" She said "If they did not already have Joe Buissink booked we would need to have your friend Matt!" There is no one on this planet who shoots like this guy. If you have a rainy day, or it snows, you will have pure MAGIC. Matt's goal is to be the best he can be and has more toys than any 6 year old (but his are for archiving your day) he is so easy and kind to be around. If you are lucky enough to have a wedding on a day he is available... Book him! Check out the cover we shot together for the Fall Winter 2012 issue of Well Wed magazine....

Matt is an AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER and Great Friend of Mine!! Very Creative and a Blast to work with!! YOU NEED TO HIRE HIM!! You will love the images he captures!

Matt is a great guy and a true professional! I love working with Matt, and watching him "work"! He truly does "work" and will do anything to "get the right shot". He has "raised the bar" for all the photographers in this area with his amazing images. I tell people that Matt does not take pictures, he makes art!



Schenectady, NY 12306   See On Map
518-377-4346 (phone)