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The Marin Art & Garden Center offers a picturesque backdrop for weddings both indoors and outside in the 11 acres of gardens. We have two well appointed indoor facilities for your recepetion.

The Livermore Pavilion which is ideal for weddings and special occasions, The Livermore Pavilion is spacious and airy with a wall of sliding glass doors that open out onto the Livermore Deck and Stratford Gardens. Inside accommodates up to 250 people, outside 350 people. Two gas-fired rustic stone fireplaces heighten the ambiance - one inside and the other on the deck. Clear sheets may be extended to enclose the outdoor deck in case of rain or chill, and hanging heaters further warm the area. A separate bride's dressing room, sound system, AV screens and commercial kitchen facilities are available as well.

The Garden Room has a beautifully appointed interior, lovely landscaped front and rear Garden Patio area, a brightening skylight, separate Bride's Room, outdoor built-in bar, and a fully equipped commercial kitchen. The Garden Room is elegant but maintains a relaxed atmosphere with French doors, a gas fireplace, Patio fountain, recessed lighting and lush garden setting. It's air-conditioned for the warmer months and centrally heated for the colder months. The Garden Room can accommodate up to 80 guests seated indoors and up to 120 guests if utilizing the outdoor patio as well. The Garden Room opens out to an expansive garden patio enclosed in ivy covered walls. Numerous flowers and flourishing shrubs surround the patio, heightening the natural garden feel. There is also an enclosed and similarly adorned rear garden patio, included with the rental of the Garden Room.

Once you choose your reception venue you may then choose from our several other breathtaking outdoor locations to hold your ceremony. The Stratford Garden,Gazebo Lawn and Fountain Pond are the most popular ceremony sites. We also offer a buyout of the grounds. All weddings booked include a day-of house manager to tend to any facilities needs, plus use of our well stocked event equipment.

Please Contact us for more information or to schedule a site tour: (415) 454-1301 or stacey@magc.org

Categories: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner

Regions serviced: San Francisco

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16 Reviews for Marin Art & Garden Center

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My new husband and I couldn’t be any more thrilled about having just gotten married at MAGC! We knew from the moment we walked onto the property that we would get married there. We wanted a casual, intimate, romantic garden feel and MAGC far exceeded our expectations. We had our ceremony on the Garden Lawn, dinner on the Stratford gardens, and the last of our reception in the Livermore Pavilion. We originally felt that the space would be too large for what ended up being a smaller wedding of about 70 guests, but it was so perfect. Our guests had plenty of space to roam around and we received endless complements on the property’s gorgeous whimsical setting. The reception areas are full of string lighting, which pretty much sold me immediately, and we were able to hang lanterns inside the Livermore Pavilion as well. That small touch really took the whole space to an even more romantic and unique level. The events manager, Stacey Kamp, answered all of questions promptly and efficiently throughout the entire wedding planning process. We truly have no regrets and have nothing but wonderful things to say about MAGC, it is the PERFECT place to say I DO! And with never-ending picturesque backdrops, there is so much to fall in love with.

Profile Picture Anne, 9/15/17, 9 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue, Rehearsal Dinner Location
Services Used: Uncovered Outdoor, Parking, Chairs, Dance Floor, Tables, Bridal Suite, Event Rentals

MAGC is the greatest venue in the area! It was the first place we visited after researching for a long time and immediately we were sure this was the place for us to get married. The staff was incredible. Stacey is the best person to work with. She recommended every vendors and was spot on and helped make every step of planning incredibly easy and stress-free. The venue is insanely gorgeous and as one guest put it "it's like you got married in a bouquet."

Profile Picture Tara, 8/20/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Ceremony & Reception Venue

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Professional Network & Endorsements

The Marin Art & Garden is one of Marin's Premier Wedding Venues. The beautiful gardens are a perfect setting for a wedding ceremony. They offer so many options for the brides, indoor/outdoor ceremonies, cocktail hour and receptions. The Livermore room is a spacious well lite room with large windows that bring the outside indoors and the private, intimate Garden Room is unmatched in the Bay Area. We have catered 100's of wedding here over the years and we gladly recommend it to our brides. Stan & Gay Vail All Seasons Catering Mill Valley

The Marin Art and Garden Center is one of the most popular wedding sites in Marin County. It offers lovely gardens as well as an indoor area. There are 2 different areas for receptions, and both have kitchens. This should definitely be on the list of the best places for weddings and other parties in the North Bay.

We love Marin Art & Garden Center! QMEP has been performing here for over 15 years now and I think it is truly one of the best wedding venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are quite a few beautiful settings to choose from to host your ceremony and there are a couple of unique reception options as well. This place has indoor and outdoor options featuring a gazebo, fountain, courtyard setting, woodsy area, garden patio with a room and a nice reception hall called the Livermore Pavilion. The staff here has always been very helpful and really professional. We have always enjoyed working with them and the caterers that are recommended. It is out of the city but not too far in a small town called Ross. If you are looking around for a venue, do yourself a favor and check this place out. It is a real jewel!

I have worked at the Art & Garden Center as a Wedding Photographer, and I was also married there myself! It's a beautiful venue, with a top-notch staff.



30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., PO Box 437, Ross, CA 94957   See On Map
415-454-1301 (phone)
Office is open Monday through Saturday 9am-5pm
Marin Art & Garden Center is a wedding Venue from Marin County. We service weddings throughout the local area, including San Francisco, Berkeley, and Napa. Marin Art & Garden Center is a professional wedding Venue that has been part of the Bay Area wedding industry for 70 years years. We specialize in Garden Weddings.