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Madeline Hulsey is a free lance hair and makeup artist offering on location services. Along the way, Madeline came to understand the art and nuances associated with the craft of creating the perfect look for special days and special events such as these in the lives of ladies as well as the lasting memories they create. Drawing on her years of experience in these areas, she understands the importance of customizing and perfecting every look she creates. Madeline has also been featured in Alabama Weddings Magazine. Madeline is ecstatic to be a part of each bride's day, and send them to their big day with their perfect look of uniqueness.


Phone: (205) 269-0997

Email: madelinehulsey@yahoo.com

Categories: Wedding Hair & Makeup

Regions serviced: Birmingham

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Madeline and her team were awesome!!! Madeline was very accommodating and flexible with our schedule and number of people for hair and makeup. We had originally planned for only the bridal party, but we were so impressed at the trial run appointment that we decided to add both Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom!

Photo of Madeline Hulsey in Birmingham, AL
Photo of Madeline Hulsey in Birmingham, AL
Photo of Madeline Hulsey in Birmingham, AL
Photo of Madeline Hulsey in Birmingham, AL
Photo of Madeline Hulsey in Birmingham, AL
Profile Picture Christi, 1/27/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health
Services Used: Updos/Styling, Contour Makeup, Fake Lashes, Consultations, Group Services, Hair, Makeup, Multi. Stylists, Salon

I contacted Madeline by phone from our home in Jacksonville FL. My daugther is the bride to be living and working in Cleveland MS. The wedding will be in Alabama. So the coordinating has been a distance impacted event via calls, texts and emails. However when I first spoke with Madeline I had an strong sense she was perfect for my daughters big day. My daughter had traveled there to do wedding things, I had considered going to do some with her, and when Madeline resopnded with possibly doing trial hair too, I literally got in the car from FL. and headed there. She had just done a wedding that day and yet when we showed up she was energetic, sweet, professional and caring. Her passion is evident in her skill at working with the client in all that she did. From general conversation to the final outcome it was one of the most pleasant experiences. She made my daughter feel so comfortable, she was beaming! The hair makeup part of the wedding day is so relevant, we were so so happy. She is a humble professional, and will use her experience to help make you.... be your vision of yourself. If you ask me who i would have do my hair and makeup it would be Madeline, and I don't do either of those things. We cannot wait till we get to be in her presence again, she is amazing at beauty skills and as a person. love her spirit.

Profile Picture rachelle, 11/11/17, 6 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health
Services Used: Updos/Styling, Hair, Makeup, Contour Makeup, Fake Lashes

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Birmingham, AL 35216   See On Map
205-269-0997 (phone)
Madeline Hulsey is a wedding hair and makeup artist from Birmingham, Alabama. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile. Madeline Hulsey is a professional wedding Hair and Makeup Artist that has been part of the Alabama wedding industry for many years. We specialize in Flawless Makeup results and a perfect hair style.