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We have been awarded and preferred by brides, for their on-site professional stylists for their big day. We are honored to be a part of any bride’s big day while accommodating her needs as well as the bridal party….while easing stress away, having fun, and becoming friends!

Kreashenz is an organic full service salon and spa in Wilmington, N.C. that also offers on-site wedding services throughout the Cape Fear Region. If you want to have the natural, classic, or bold look…..we are here to create that dream!  We truly enjoy the creativity with every bride, their party and family. But most of all we consider it a compliment and an honor when chosen to be your makeup and hair stylist team for your special day, or any other occasions. Our services entail quality over quantity, with traditional or airbrush makeup; adding hair extensions or eccentric hair styles, your time is valuable and never taken for granted. This is one of the most important decisions made! We will do our best to create your vision of any makeup and hair looks; tweak it until it gets you even more excited about your big day! We understand how wonderful and exciting this next step in life is, you have dreamed about your whole life, and we can't wait to turn you into that special princess you already are! Each bride is different with different desires, but at the end you are you, we want you to feel as the natural beauty that you already are.

If the stress levels get a little high, come relax with a massage, or vamp your skin a few days before a wedding, gala, or big event with our organic facials! Don’t forget those nails! Bring the girls and enjoy your own space while pampering those fingers and toes! Shellac those toes and fingers,that will last until the honeymoon! 



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Regions serviced: Wilmington

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Noelle (hair) along with her assistant, and Jacey (Makeup) were so accommodating and fun to work with. We are from out of state and they worked with me to schedule my hair & makeup trials. They are down to earth and don't jack the prices up when something is labeled 'wedding' like some salons do. Highly recommend these ladies!

Profile Picture Megan, 6/29/18, 8 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health
Services Used: Eye Makeup, Fake Lashes, Makeup Trial, On-Site Makeup, Wedding Party Makeup, Hair Trial, On-Site Hair, Updos/Styling, Consultations, Group Services, Hair, Makeup, Multi. Stylists

Noelle did a wonderful job on my hair for my wedding. I had wanted to put hair extensions in my hair the day of the wedding, so she made sure she curled them ahead of time for me and brought them to the wedding venue for me so I did not have to worry about anything. I really loved how my hair turned out. Her partner Niki also did a great job helping out with a few of the bridesmaids and moms hair. They both were easy to get a long with and helped take a huge stress off of my shoulders knowing she would do a great job on my hair and did ! Thank you, Noelle and Niki ! :-)

Photo of kreashenz salon and spa in Wilmington, NC
Photo of kreashenz salon and spa in Wilmington, NC
Photo of kreashenz salon and spa in Wilmington, NC
Profile Picture Melanie, 5/19/18, 3 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health

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3145 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington, NC 28403   See On Map
910-769-4436 (phone)
kreashenz salon and spa is a wedding salon from Wilmington, NC servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Wilmington, Leland, and Wrightsville Beach. kreashenz salon and spa is a professional salon and spa that has been part of the Eastern NC wedding industry since 2012 specializing in bridal hair and makeup.