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Designing events that are stylish, sophisticated and full of flair!

Jenny Orsini Events is a stylish wedding planner in the Northern New Jersey area. This luxe event design firm specializes in helping couples with sophisticated and chic wedding affairs. Owner Jenny Orsini and her team of designers work on high-end and innovative elements for each couple’s wedding with which they work. An eye for detail and high levels of personal attention set this wedding planning company apart. They also maintain an air of professionalism no matter the circumstances to ensure each couple’s big day is as perfect as they dreamt it.

Jenny Orsini has over 20 years of experience in the event design and planning industry. She worked in the corporate world while pursuing her master’s degree, during which time she doubled as a professional wedding singer. Through this position she discovered her passion for weddings and other glamorous events. In 2005 she founded Pampered Bride Weddings, a company that expanded in 2008 to become Jenny Orsini Events. Jenny also works regularly on NBC’s The TODAY Show as an event designer and style contributor.

Services Offered
This team of ten designers work on all varieties of wedding events for couples including rehearsal dinners, ceremonies and receptions. These wedding planners work on civil, cultural, destination, eco-friendly, military and non-religious wedding celebrations. They offer services to couples that include:

  • Budget analysis
  • Day-of coordination
  • Event design
  • Full planning
  • Partial planning
  • Referrals
  • Timelines
  • To-do lists

Categories: Wedding Planner

Regions serviced: Northern New Jersey

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Jenny was the absolute PERFECT wedding planner and we couldn't recommend her highly enough. When we got engaged and knew we were planning a cross country wedding from California, the first thing my fiance and I did was interview multiple wedding planners. When we met Jenny in person, she had clearly done her homework and came prepared with a picture of a venue for us based on what I described I was looking for over the phone. The minute we saw the place we knew Jenny was a great listener and understood exactly what we wanted and we hired her for full service planning. Of all of the many positives I could rave about in terms of working with Jenny, I think the #1 thing that made the difference is her vendor recommendations, starting with that perfect venue that we ultimately chose. Every single vendor she brought to us was top notch, coordinated well with the others, and made our wedding day a complete dream from start to finish. We didn't have to stress or lift a finger one time. Planning a wedding cross country I needed to completely trust Jenny to handle many of the small details, and she didn't drop the ball on a single one for our big day. For over a year and a half she was there constantly offering me open and honest advice and feedback and I couldn't find a flaw in the actual day of our wedding if I tried! Jenny is extremely detail oriented and her design skills are truly special. As someone lacking a design eye, I turned over the reins and trusted Jenny and her team to create the ceremony and reception I had always envisioned, and she OVER delivered. I received countless compliments from our guests saying this was the best wedding they have been to, and we truly owe it all to Jenny. If you are looking for a smart, direct, honest wedding planner that will create your perfect wedding vision, you need to work with Jenny!

Profile Picture Ashley, 6/23/18, 6 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Non-Religious, Budget Analysis, Day-Of Coord., Event Design, Full Planning, Timelines, To-Do Lists, Referrals

Working with Jenny was a pleasure. She has an incredible knack for multi-tasking, staying completely present and listening to what your vision is for the event. With Jenny overseeing our daughter's wedding day, we were able to completely relax and have the best day of our lives!

Profile Picture Alison, 9/30/17, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Jenny is an absolute whirlwind of creativity and an energetic taskmaster. She is an experienced professional with vision who can get the job done!

R U kidding... Jenny sets the standard... Totally dedicated to her clients... Chris and Suzanne clbphoto.com

What can we say about Pampered Bride that everyone does not already know. They are simply amazing, creative and so wonderful work with on events. I am honored to say that we have done many weddings with Pampered Bride and I am constantly amazed at the pictures after the event. Not only do they showcase our custom runners by creating a ceremony of anyone's dreams but their reception decor is unbelievable. It really is a privilege to work with Pampered Bride Weddings.

Jenny Orsini and her crew love what they do and it shows! We have had the pleasure of working with them on several AMAZING weddings and we are always thrilled with the WOW factor. Not surprising that so many weddings we have done together end up in wedding magazines or popular blogs. We love working with Jenny and always have a blast! She puts her clients at ease and always produces a spectacular event! We can’t wait til our next PBW and RPL event!

Thankyou very much for allowing me to connect with you and join your network of vendors ! i am looking forward to working together in the future!



jenny@jennyorsinievents.com, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922   See On Map
973-868-9431 (phone)
By appointment
Jenny Orsini Events is a wedding planning and design company from New Jersey . We service weddings throughout the local area, including Northern NJ and NY, Central NJ, and Souther NJ. Jenny Orsini Events is a professional wedding planning and design firm that has been part of the Tri state wedding industry for 11 years years. We specialize in elegant and sophisticated events.