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"Beautifully Natural, Beautifully You!"

Hi Beautiful Bride to Be!

Jennifer C. Nieman is a full service beauty company that makes you feel as beautiful as you are. I've recently re-located from Los Angeles, CA  to Atlanta, GA and I am currently working in all aspects of makeup and hair industry including: celebrity,television, film, editorial, and of course bridal with over 9 years experience. I'm professionally trainined from some of the top leading artists in the industry.

Professional Training:

MAKEUP - MKC Beauty Academy - Hollywood, CA        HAIR - In-Session Arts of Cosmetology & Beauty School -Saginaw, MI

It is best to email me directly for *booking,availability & pricing* @ jennifercnieman@gmail.com 

or via phone @ 989-430-6317

Also check out some more of my work on my website - www.jennifercnieman.com 

Again biggest congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

Categories: Wedding Hair & Makeup

Regions serviced: Atlanta

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Jennifer's skills with hair and makeup exceeded my expectations. I was pretty particular when choosing a hair and makeup stylist because I knew that I'd be fussy about how I looked on my wedding day (I wanted a more natural look which a lot of the other people I looked into didn't seem to have much experience doing). I wanted to feel comfortable and go with someone I'd trust from the start. Jennifer was enthusiastic and conversational. She welcomed my mom and I for a dry-run and then accommodated when we ended up adding a few bridesmaids at the very last minute. Above all, everyone looked freakin' incredible, and I think what's an even bigger compliment is that everyone seemed to FEEL beautiful too.

Profile Picture Sarah, 10/1/17, 5 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health
Services Used: Hair, Makeup, Updos/Styling

Jen did an outstanding job with the bride's hair, MOB and several of the BM's. Everyone loved working with her! Jen is really quick and does excellent styling. She asked each girl to supply a personal photo and a photo of the hairstyle she desired prior to the wedding day however after the trial we all had so much confidence in Jen that on the wedding day we told her to o whatever she thought would work best for each one of us. Everyone was thrilled with the styling she provided!! Searching for a hair stylist was the most frustrating and exhausting part of our wedding planning and after a zillion phone calls, web searches and requests I was so ready to give up. I was so tired of hearing one price on the phone only to receive an extensive quote list with many additional extras included. Enough already!! We finally heard about Jen and problem solved!! She was awesome!!!

Profile Picture Kathy, 7/8/17, 8 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health
Services Used: Consultations, Hair, Licensed, Makeup, Updos/Styling

Jen is absolutely incredible!! Jen has an aura about her that ensures you you're in good hands. I had felt uneasy about professional makeup, having had terrible past experiences. Jen truly made me feel gorgeous on my wedding day. I loved that Jen really listened to preferences, and produced a stunning looks for both makeup and hair.

Jen has such a skilled an eye for styling, perfectly accentuating makeup so that our photos turned out every bit as beautiful as I felt the day of my wedding. Her precision and attention to detail coupled with a love for her art and genuine care for her client made Jen the best choice could have made for hair and makeup.

Profile Picture Saskia, 11/5/16, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Jennifer is the most professional and absolute all around wonderful make up artist to be around. She truly understands women. She knows how to do the right look for any person whether you are someone who is use to being glam or someone who likes to keep it natural. Efficiency, Timeliness, Cleanliness are all strong suits of hers. Not only is she great and what she does professionally but she always shows up with a fun bubbly attitude. Would recommend her to any bride.



Atlanta, GA 30306   See On Map
989-430-6317 (phone)
Available for appointment only