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I picked my wedding gown out more than a year before the big day and I never saw a dress that made me second guess my choice. I chose the Theresa Gown by Hayley Paige which was beautiful on its own however I had my heart set on tulle so I ordered a custom dress with a different skirt made of tulle. To my surprise my dress arrived at the bridal boutique with a different tulle skirt than I originally picked. Even though the bridal boutique assured me they could alter it to be similar to the one I picked, once I tried it on I knew it was perefect as it was. The vintage style beading with the soft tulle train fit me and my style better than I could have imagined. She truly is an artist and I am still in awe that I got my very own customized Hayley Paige gown!

Profile Picture Meagan, 6/10/17, 12 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Bride, Bridal Gowns

She made my wedding dress but I got it from Nordstrom. Obsessed!

Profile Picture User5079957, 1+ year ago, 10 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire
Services Used: Bride, Bridal Gowns

My Hayley Paige dress broke on my wedding day. The shoulder strap completely snapped off. I missed my cocktail hour and my receiving line getting it re stitched by my mother in law. It was the only time I cried on my wedding day. It took over two weeks for the bridal store (Pearl Bridal House) to tell me that the designer was sorry. Absolutely no compensation offered from the store or the designer. I followed Hayley Paige for years before getting engaged. To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

Profile Picture Meghan, 7/30/16, 2 Reviews
Category: Dress & Attire


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Hayley Paige

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