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With over 30 years experience, DORIS THE FLORIST has developed a full service florist, Wedding design and event planning center specializing  in personal service with flowers of exceptional quality.

When visiting our showroom one of our experienced party decorators will create samples using your design and color choices.  Our brides become part of the experience in the creation of their bouquets and centerpieces.

Whether you desire a chuppa, altar arrangements, elaborate floral pieces or simply soft candle lighting, we will bring your vision to reality and make your dreams come true.

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Regions serviced: Long Island

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I could not have been more satisfied with the incredibly beautiful flowers that Doris provided for my wedding. Working with Doris felt like having a family member in the business. Doris is warm, caring, professional and clearly does all her work from her heart!
To quote my son "you didn't only hire a florist, you hired a wedding planner".

Profile Picture Cindy, 10/28/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Flowers

Doris and her team were absolutely amazing!!! From the moment I sat down with Doris, I knew we would be using her. She was so excited to hear my ideas and even more knowledgeable on how to execute them beautifully! I wanted to incorporate a lot of fall colors but also wanted something a bit more modern for the ballroom. She was able to create the most GORGEOUS bouquets with every fall color I could imagine. However, for our reception, she created the most amazing all white designs so that no two table centerpieces were exactly the same. She used flowers I had never seen before. All of our guests were raving about how beautiful the room looked. And OMG our cake!!! She covered it in flowers, it was almost too pretty to cut!! She was available every time I had a question and her team was so fun to work with. To find a vendor with such good service and also such attention to detail and creativity is rare but with Doris and her staff, they truly are the best at both. I can't recommend them enough!!!

Profile Picture Jessica, 10/14/17, 4 Reviews
Category: Flowers, Wedding Cake
Services Used: Consultations, Delivery, Event Design, Samples, Set Up, Venue Visit, Aisle Decor, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Table Arrangements

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Doris the Florist is a wedding florist from nassau county. We service weddings throughout the local area, including nassau, suffolk, and queens. Doris the Florist is a professional wedding florist that has been part of the Long Island wedding industry for 10 years. We specialize in custom wedding flowers, bouquets, huppah, personalized service.