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Looking gorgeous on your special day is likely top on your list. Being in the industry for over 10 years has inspired me to create Aurelia DiLeo freelance, in response to the wants and needs of many woman. Woman that wanted to have their hair & makeup professionally done in the comfort and convenience of their own home, hotel, or on the grounds of their special event. Finding a reliable and talented hair and makeup artist can be a daunting task. So, I have put together an incredible freelance team, and designed a system that takes all the stress off of you and makes choosing an artist easy and fun. You have my professional guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to achieve your style goals, and help make your special day more memorable! 

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Regions serviced: Westchester

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I recently had a wedding about 3 weeks ago and Aurelia and her team definitely exceeded my expectations. They went above and beyond to accommodate me and my bridal party. Aurelia is so talented and passionate about her job. My make up and hair was outstanding and just absolutley flawless. What a great artist! She is highly skilled, very professional and extremely organized, which is so important when you have so much going on, on such an important day or event, you want everything to go just right and run smoothly. Aurelia and her team did just that. I highly recommend Aurelia for any special event anyone may need. You definitely would not be disappointed in her services. Absolutley Amazing!!!!!

Photo of Aurelia DiLeo in White Plains, NY
Photo of Aurelia DiLeo in White Plains, NY
Photo of Aurelia DiLeo in White Plains, NY
Photo of Aurelia DiLeo in White Plains, NY
Profile Picture Liz, 11/18/17, 1 Review
Category: Beauty & Health

BOOK HER!!!! I used Aurelia for my engagement photos as a trial and was so in love with my hair and makeup I immediately booked her for my wedding. Aurelia is extremely accommodating, as I must have sent 100 emails with questions I had to help me and my bridal party prepare for the day; help with lip color brands, questions on hair, scheduling the girls, etc. My bridal party consisted of 8 girls plus the Mother of the Bride. The bridal party ranged from girls who are used to wearing makeup and getting their hair done to girls with clip-in extensions and then girls that don’t wear any makeup at all and let their hair air dry. Everyone had HAIR & MAKEUP done by Aurelia and her team and I can honestly say that every single girl looked more beautiful than I had ever seen and everyone was extremely happy with the outcome. As for me, both times that Aurelia has done my hair & makeup, I could almost cry when she turns the mirror around. I’ve never felt more beautiful in my entire life, my makeup was FLAWLESS!!! And not to mention, I was sweating up a storm dancing at my wedding, crying throughout the entire day and not one stitch of makeup moved. We got ready at 8am and I didn’t get home till after 1am with my full face still standing. Aurelia and her team are great to work with – professional, kind, fun and very down to earth – made everyone feel comfortable and made sure everyone was happy with the way they looked. If you want to look like a Supermodel on your most special day, you’d be crazy not to book Aurelia. I’ve already referred two friends and they couldn’t be happier!!! I must add, at the end of the day what mattered most to me was still looking myself and as made up as I felt, I still looked like myself, just 10000x better than I could ever do myself.

Profile Picture Alexis, 10/13/17, 3 Reviews
Category: Beauty & Health

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Makeup Prices Include:
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